5 Types of Pigeon Repellent Remedy That Will Keep The Unwanted Smell Out Forever!

We are all familiar with pigeons. These animals can be found in most places since they can live with humans. There are those who are fond of feeding pigeons but there are also those who are not fans of this species. This is reason why you need a pigeon repellent remedy ASAP.

If you have noticed these pigeons go where there are open landscapes. Big cities are infested by these animals. Though pigeons are nice to behold, these can also be a nuisance to some. They not only destroy crops but also destructive to people’s apartments, cars, or windows.

Pigeons need to be taken away in a very careful way. The reason is their acidic droppings and dusty feathers can cause infectious disease. Blocked gutters and rainwater pipes are caused by their fallen feathers. Animals and humans can suffer because of these pigeons.

In order to get rid of them, we do not have to kill them. In fact, there is a way to get a pigeon repellent remedy that is not harsh to these animals. I have here a list of some of these remedies to help you in dealing with pigeons.  \

1. Use an Anti-Roosting Spike Strip to Get Rid of Pigeons

These spikes help you in getting rid of pigeons from hanging out in your homes. This is a great tool to attach to your fences in order for these pigeons to stay away. Bird spikes are so easy to install and you can get this right away online.

Yes, it can be a problem if pigeons are everywhere. You get your cars pooped. Your roofs get dirty. Their feathers can clog up your rainwater pipes. It is best to get a remedy for these instances.  An anti-roosting bird spike can be the best pigeon repellent remedy. If you need to check out how this works and what the best ones to get are, I have here a bird spike that you can use.

pigeon repellent remedy - bird flying near roof with spikes

 Nixalite Stainless Steel Bird Spikes E-Spike

This product is one of the best bird spikes that are out on the market today. You can get this easily on Amazon. The good thing about this product is it is 100% stainless steel. There are no plastic parts to this product. You don’t have to worry about how to install it because it is easy to do so.

Here are the features of Nixalite Stainless Steel Bird Spikes E-spike:

–    100% Stainless Steel

–    24-inch long strip, 6 inches wide, and 4 inches high

–    48 pints per foot

–    Ready to install

–    The box includes screws, clips, washers, and instructions

2. Use a Gel Repellent

The gel repellent is another effective pigeon repellent remedy. This is best when you are renting your place since you don’t have to install a more permanent solution. When you apply the gel, it will give the solid surface a slippery feel. The more it is slippery, the less these pigeons are to roost in your place. These animals will move to a different location. The weather changes may wither the gel so it is advisable to apply every two weeks.

The gel repellent can be an easy way to get rid of pigeons. I would recommend this way of repelling these birds. All you need to consider this to get an environment-friendly gel. There are several that are out on the market today. You just have to get one that’s best. I have here a gel repellent that you can consider.

4 the Birds Gel Bird Repellent-2 Tubes 55555260 by Bird’s

This product can easily be ordered on Amazon. You get two tubes already for a very reasonable price. It is easy to apply. You will be surprised at the wonders that this product gives you. Pigeons will be flying away from your property in no time once you place this gel repellent.

The gel bird repellent is a subtle way to get rid of pigeons. The gel is not obvious and can be deceiving to these birds. Yet, this won’t let them stay for a long time. They fly away and look for another place to stay.

3. Use the Bird-Netting Process

When it is a large area that you need to protect from pigeons, you can try bird-netting. This is another pigeon repellent remedy that is easy to attain. The bird net will keep the pigeons away from your property or from any place that is filled with pigeons.

You need not worry about installation because the net is easy to put on. You just need to have the proper tools in order to mount the net to keep pigeons away. To get an idea of this type of repellent, I have here a product that you can easily get online.

BirdBlock Bird Netting Reusable Mesh Netting Bird Protection, 7 feet x 20 feet

This is one of the best bird nets that are sold on the market today. You can easily get this on Amazon for a well-deserved pricing. Here are the features of this net.

pigeon repellent remedy - bird flying past a net barrier

–    Durable polypropylene bird protection

–    Protects crops

–    Prevents birds roosting in unwanted areas

–    Safe for birds

–    Easy to install

–    Easily stored

–    Can be reused each year

–    Prevents birds from eating crops

–    Protects fruits and berries

–    Comes in different sizes

If you choose this type of remedy for pigeons roosting, you can be sure that this is environment-friendly. You will not hurt any birds with this bird netting remedy. The strategy will benefit both the humans and the birds. Once you get this, you will not worry about pigeon nuisance in your place.

4. Use a Bird Repellent Scare Tape

Another way to shoo pigeons away is to use a bird repellent scare tape. This is easy to get and so easy to use. You will not have to worry about any challenges in putting the tape on the area of your property where birds are rampant.

There are a lot of ways to scare pigeons away. The bird repellent scare tape is one pigeon repellent remedy for today. All you need to do is check out the internet for the best scare tapes out there. I have here products listed on Amazon that you can easily get.

LinkBro Bird Repellent Device

This Bird Repellent Device by LinkBro is one of the best on the market today. This product is an ultra-reflective material. It is a humane way to scare pigeons away. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of pigeons roosting in your homes.

pigeon repellent remedy - farm with long strips of scare tape

There are a lot of other products with a similar feature but his one here s the best in my opinion. I have here the features for this pigeon repellent remedy stuff.

–    150 feet scare tape

–    Fly freely with the breeze

–    Uses visual and sound effects to scare pigeons

–    Simple

–    Effective

–    Long lasting

–    Safe

–    Eco-friendly

5. Wind Twisting Scare Rods

Scare those pigeons away with the wind twisting rods. You will find it easy to clear your property with this material. Yes, there are other types of bird repellent that are available on the market today, but the scare rods are easy to put up. It is effective and you can get these rods immediately online.

Here is a product that you can check out on Amazon:

Haierc Bird Repellent Wind Twisting Scare Rods

This is one of the best products today. The silver deterrent rods can also be used as a decoration. These rods are effective in getting rid of pigeons. Aside from getting rid of these pigeons in your homes, these rods can be used to protect your crops. Pigeons can be a nuisance to your plants. This product’s features include:

–    Create strong reflections

–    Durable

There you have it. All five types of pigeon repellent remedy that you can use. Pigeons can be cute and are a sight to behold but they can be pests. They can destroy crops, plants, or your roofs. The worst is these birds poop can cause unwanted diseases.

Having a remedy to keep pigeons away will not only clean your surroundings but also will keep you healthy. Using these remedies can be so easy. All you have to do is choose which one is the best.

I would choose the Anti-Roosting Spikes. For me, this is the best. I can get it anytime and is easy to install. The box will already include installation materials. In my opinion, this is the best pigeon repellent remedy.

I can put these spikes on the roof, on the windowsill, on trees, and anywhere that is prone to pigeons visiting. It can be a necessity to have bird repellents all the time. It is s important that your surroundings are healthy. The important thing is you do not hurt these animals. All we are doing here is preventing them from being a pest.