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Tired of driving away pigeons, sparrows, crows, woodpeckers, and more birds away? Here, you’ll get practical tips and commercial solutions that actually work! You no longer have to endure endless tending to droppings, damaged plants, and holes on your wood sidings just because the pesky fowl won’t go away. We will give you the best way to bird proof your property without having to pay thousands of dollars for renting predator birds just to roam your space.

Birds are small beings but not the problem they bring. They pose a direct threat to humans aside from the hassle of their unwanted existence.

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r Feral birds might bring you communicable diseases!r

Many cases of histoplasmosis and salmonella contamination are directly linked to the droppings birds leave behind. This fecal matter contains high uric acid that causes corrosion as well as a host of bacteria and viruses that can be the root of respiratory illnesses. Those with weak immune systems will suffer the most due to the airborne spores that came from the droppings.

r They peck and damage your properties r

Have you ever woken up to the drumming sound of a woodpecker boring its way on your wood sidings? This is a dilemma of many household owners during the breeding season as the birds look for a place to nest as well as a source of food. The debris of their nest, as well as the droppings they leave, is a destructive combination for households and commercial establishments.

Do you blow them off and kill them right away? You can do so if the laws allowed but you can always utilize the best way to bird proof your property in a humane manner. You can even access here dozens of effective products to perform bird proofing in style and with less effort.

r They ruin your business imager

If you have a business space or office building pestered with feral birds, you might be losing some money on the table. Potential customers may look for another service or goods provider due to the smell and dropping sightings in your business area. It directly ruins your reputation plus it makes your surroundings dirty. If you’re in the food industry, you have to act now and perform some bird proofing tips to send these fowls away.

Another concern about commercial spaces is the soft stone damage the droppings can cause. You’ll have to pay for repairs and your business operation would be affected.

r They give you more mess to clean r

If the clutter in your home isn’t enough for cleaning, then the birds will give you gross stuff to work on. They will poop repeatedly which will leave you with no choice but to do the cleaning. And aside from the gross task, being in contact with their fecal matter exposes you to a variety of dangerous microscopic organisms. I’m sure you’re not apt to waste your time just to make your porch, roof, or garden clean only to be blasted with another session of pooping. With that, it’s time to know the best way to bird proof your property.

r They are aggressive and they can physically harm your

One of the alarming problems with feral birds is their aggressive behavior. They can peck humans when they are disturbed or they can pelt windows with stones for no apparent reason. This aggression is a direct threat to humans and it can result in physical injuries and worse situations.

The aggressive behavior becomes more evident during the breeding season when birds become protective of their young. Those who will try to go near the nest or remove it will surely end up with hurtful pecks. This will not happen next season if you bird proof your property now.

aBest Way To Bird Proof Your Property? a

You Have Lots of Commercial Options!

best way to bird proof your property - birds on the roof

You don’t have to rack your mind of solutions just to succeed on keeping the birds at bay. There are commercial solutions you can avail for a small price. Aside from utilizing the tips we will give here, you can also scout for the product options that suit your situation.

Bird Spikes

If the birds keep on perching, roosting, and landing on the places they shouldn’t suppose to, you can use bird spikes to deter them. Bird spikes can be installed on fences, roof ledge, and other surfaces that you want to make rough for the birds. This product comes in either plastic or steel depending on your preference. We have listed some of the best options for this which you are free to peruse.

Bird spikes don’t kill the birds. It just makes surfaces impossible to land on and make a nest at.

Net barriers

If all else fails and you want a guaranteed solution, netting would be the commercial option. Like how farmers cover their crops, you can also place some nettings on your garden, eaves, attic, and even on your office building where the birds are becoming too invasive. Bird nets and mesh can be installed on the sides of solar panels where pigeons tend to nest.

Of all the solutions you can find, netting is probably the best way to bird proof your property. It isolates the area where the birds tend to stay. You just have to make sure that you tuck and seal the edges neatly so no fowls can peck their way through it.

Bird Scares

From the conventional scarecrows to the aesthetic sparkly rods, bird scares are classic solutions that are still in trend. Birds are easy to scare visually through the use of owl models, dog or cat silhouette, shiny tapes and metals, and more creative products. You can make these yourself but to skip the hassle, you can purchase some here on our platform for just a small price.

Bird scares are safe and in no way does it harm the birds (aside from the fear they have to face). It’s a tricky method that you have to consistently move in different spots to make it work for the longest possible time.

Bird Repellents

Bird repellents like sprays, sticky gels, and scents are also effective in driving specific species. It’s a method where you make a surface uncomfortable for the birds to land at. Sprays, on the other hand, can be used to let a smell linger which the birds will find foul. Repellents are usually chemicals intended to send the birds away than kill them. You don’t want to do more cleaning, right?

Sound devices

Birds know their enemies. You can utilize this fact by playing sounds of their predators like owls and hawks. Distress signals from birds would also be the best way to bird proof your property. The fowls will surely leave you alone thinking that your territory has dangerous predators lurking in it.

In case you don’t want the added noise, you can switch to ultrasonic devices. This option emits high-frequency sounds that only animals can hear, including birds. The only downside here is you have to keep your cats and dogs away as they can also be annoyed by the sound.

By the way, ultrasonic devices also send critters and some insects scuffling.

Bird’s Nest

By making a safe home for the birds to lay their eggs during the breeding season, they will likely spare your house from the trouble. Easy-to-install bird nests can be made at home or purchased commercially. There are lots of bird nests you can find on which some are listed here in our platform.

Placing the bird’s nest away from your home (but not too far, though) is an excellent strategy. Just make sure that the style and entry points suit the species you intend to get rid of.

Natural Solutions

Do you want to use the best way to bird proof your property without killing the fowls? You can always use natural solutions like nets, essential oils, and more. These options wouldn’t harm the fowl but it will send them flying away due to the irritating condition of your property.

You can be humane and still succeed on bird proofing

The fight against birds doesn’t always have to be violent. You can be humane and still succeed in driving the birds away from home or commercial space. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of the U.S. has a complete list of protected birds that you simply can’t shoot or kill by any means. If the federal law doesn’t prohibit, you should check on your state whether it imposes sanctions about a wrongful death of specific species.

For the most part, crows and some feral pigeons can be killed without breaking the law. But it doesn’t mean you’re going to start roasting, shooting, and smashing them. Well, of course, you can if you could stomach the process. But that would need a lot of cleaning. It would be gross and messy, not to mention the smell of the dead bird bodies you failed to ditch right away.

Here, we gave tips on how to send the birds flying away through natural, safe, and non-brutal means. Check the best way to bird proof your property now!

Any birds can be get rid of with the right solution

Woodpeckers boring holes on your tree? Starlings and sparrows nesting on your eaves? Any bird is possible to drive away if you know the right solution for each species. Do you have crows in your garden? Check out our special post in driving away these pesky birds.

It’s important to remember that not all solutions work for all birds. The owl scare may not work for crows but it can work on pigeons and other things.

The Best Way To Bird Proof Your Property – Some Quick Tips

best way to bird proof your property - birds on nest

If you’re thinking of simple and quick tips as a start, here are some that you can use. These are general points for all kinds of birds. Check and practice each one out and see what works for you:

Stop feeding the birds!

Do the birds keep coming back? It’s probably because of your habit of feeding them! Pigeons are cute for the first days, but they can become invasive and disturbing as days pass by. Stop fueling their pursuits. If you still want to feed them, you can install a pole feeder far from your house. This will serve as a new feeding site and a diversion instead of taking over your porch or yard.

Use some props

You simply can’t stop the pesky fowls from visiting your place if you don’t use visual scares. Place that owl or snake model and move it from time to time. You can also make use of shiny rods and mirrors to blind them away from your property. These props are low-key bird repellers since they add aesthetically to your place as decorations.

Don’t be afraid to seek them out

Most homeowners tend to be frightened by the sharp beaks of birds that they just let the breeding season pass to finally remove the nest. You don’t have to worry since you can call a wildlife remover to do the job for you. You can explore the best way to bird proof your property right now!

Explore methods

Not all bird proofing methods are made equal. Some can work for a certain species while others won’t. It’s a matter of exploring and combining methods to come up with a solid solution to keep the birds off your property for good.

Read a lot of tips!

Practical tips will help you face the bird problem right on. You can go straight ahead and read our efficient tips based on actual bird invasions and product recommendations. Here, you’ll have a one-stop bird proofing guide without having to browse the internet for other resources.

No matter if it’s the breeding season or just a regular day full of droppings, pecking, and pelting, you can find your guide here. We got some tips to get rid of the birds pestering your property. Read on!