Top 5 Repellents To Stop Birds From Ruining Your Business and Office Building

Bird droppings and pecking aren’t just domestic problems. It’s also a headache among offices and commercial establishments when their roof, walls, and façade are dumped with smelly and corrosive droppings. Nesting is another thing which blocks air conditioning units and makes a business structure look less professional. Indirectly, this affects the business’ image, especially if its something related to cleaning or food preparation. With that, commercial bird proofing became a rising need.

Bird proofing an office using commercial products isn’t different from doing it in a household setting. There might be a little difference between the application and the choice of products. So how do birds incur damage to your office building? Here are some of the usual scenarios:

Damage to soft stone

One of the most invasive birds in office buildings are pigeons. It’s not just about their annoying numbers, but also their destructive droppings. The fecal matter of birds has high acid content that can cause soft stone damage after a long time of exposure. Since birds don’t just poo on the roof, they can also cause damage to stone walls and façades.

If you fail to address the droppings, it would be very expensive to pay for a cleanup. Remember that removing layers of bird fecal matter isn’t an easy task. It’s also packed with bacteria and parasites that are harmful to be in contact with. Commercial bird proofing is needed.

commercial bird proofing

Blocked gutters and air conditioning units

Shed feathers and other fecal remains can pile up and block gutters and air conditioning units. So far, this is one of the most common damage feral birds cause commercial buildings. The rainwater pipes get blocked causing the water to flow in another part of the building, resulting to leakage and improper drainage.

Also, bird droppings can make pavements slippery. Imagine an elderly customer stumbling in front of your store or office. Such an unacceptable fault on your end since you fail to address the bird issue. This excretion and remains can also cause the roof tiles to lift that will result to problematic roof leaks.

Public nuisance

Birds clattering early in the morning is not an adorable sound and sight since they leave a lot of droppings and they cause a public nuisance. People who are eating might also be disturbed due to the aggressive pecking of the feral birds. Overall, it’s an unsightly situation for someone who has a business, workplace or shops nearby. You badly need to do commercial bird proofing.

If you have a shop or any business, this can cause potential customers to step away from your shop. You lost money from the table and you have a lot of smelly poo to clean afterward.

Slippery fire escapes and ladders

Bird droppings also make fire escapes and exit ladders become slippery. If this is left unattended, the supposedly safe exit point will become equally dangerous. Someone may fall off and you also touch bird droppings that contain parasites and god-knows-what diseases.

Cause of allergens

Bird droppings have more allergens and bacteria than what you think of. It can cause histoplasmosis which is a lung disease that can get lethal for those with weak immune systems. The disease-causing spores will go airborne and infect anyone who inhales it. Most of the time, a lot of infected individuals don’t exhibit symptoms and heals along the way. But for customers and clients with sensitive allergic reactions, this spells trouble if you don’t perform commercial bird proofing.

There more diseases, parasites, and secondary pests that birds can bring.

How To Stop Birds From Damaging Your Office Building

Before you snap and go berserk to the point of shooting the birds, you have to know some safe ways to get rid of them. A workplace setting is much more different than household bird proofing. There are some factors you can’t control including passers-by who feed the birds or other tenants of the building who keep attracting the flyers.

Stop feeding them

One reason why feral pigeons keep flocking on a certain area is the continuous source of food. Tourists and even business owners who feed the birds are fueling the damage. As much as possible, stop feeding them so they will be forced to look for someplace to hang out. This isn’t a guaranteed answer but it will make a big difference.

Birds like pigeons won’t die if you won’t feed them. They have the ability to look for food and fight for themselves in the wild. These birds can even peck on smaller birds and steal their food.

Trap them

In case the invasion is becoming more aggressive as days pass by, you can secure a permit on your locality to trap these birds. Although this isn’t a popular means of commercial bird proofing, trapping will ensure that the birds’ population will dwindle. Just be careful because some species are protected by federal laws.

There are traps you can use without harming the birds. You simply stuck them on a small container and let them free somewhere else. It’s a demanding method but necessary if your state protects the birds.

commercial bird proofing

Use non-toxic repellents

The best solution to the bird invasion on your workplace is utilizing non-toxic repellents. It’s a win-win scenario since the birds won’t die and you won’t have to clean any mess. But unlike in a household setting, the repellents have to be inconspicuous or the business establishment will look less appealing. Here are some that suit the business and office setting.

Top 5 Bird Repellents For Commercial Bird ProofinG

1. Pest Soldier 6-in-1 Ultrasonic Repeller

Like what I said, pest repellers should be low-key and non-obstructive. One device that you can use with this advantage is the Pest Soldier 6-in-1 Ultrasonic Repeller. It drives away small insects like mosquitoes up to larger critters like mice, raccoons, and skunks. The Pest Soldier device is also excellent in disorienting pesky birds.

The Pest Soldier device can cover 5,000 square feet with its high-frequency sounds that only pests can hear. It works 24-hours and can be used almost anywhere. However, be reminded that the annoying sounds can also affect domesticated dogs and cats.

This ultrasonic device is very quiet for humans plus it uses an infrared motion sensor to engage the sound when it detects a movement. The device assumes that it’s the critters and blasts them with the irritating sound. You can mount it in anywhere and you don’t have to worry about the rain or snow since the Pest Soldier is made to be weatherproof.

The device works when plugged or through rechargeable batteries. It also comes with a very long extension cord so you can skip the hassle of finding an electrical outlet just to make it work. You get to drive the birds away without killing them. A perfect method of commercial bird proofing.

2. De-Bird Repellent Disks

If the ultrasonic repellent didn’t work on your workplace, try hanging some of these De-Bird repellent disks. These aesthetic, shiny décors reflect the light from the sun that blinds the birds that will try to go near your property. It’s a tricky way but it works most of the time. When placed closely, it will produce a clattering sound that will scare the birds more.

If your shop’s windows are the common target of crows’ pelting or the pigeon’s nesting, hang some of these and they will soon leave you alone. It works and adds a decorative element to your workplace. These repellent disks won’t even look like a pest control agent.

For this to work, you have to place it someplace where it can be struck with direct sunlight or hit by a light breeze. If your mailbox turned into a public bathroom for birds, it’s time to hang some of these disks to end their happy days.

Dot your gate and other areas with these disks and the birds will soon find another establishment to pester. Your customers or clients would love the sparkly addition without noticing that it’s for commercial bird proofing.

commercial bird proofing

3. Bird-X Stainless Steel Spikes

Are your roof and ledge bearing the brunt of the pesky birds? Perching and roosting is one of the dilemmas of most business owners as the birds will soon start to nest. And what can you do to stop it? Make the roof surface annoying for the flyers. You can install Bird-X Stainless Steel Spikes to make it impossible for them to even land on your roof.

The Bird-X Stainless Steel Spikes can cover up to ten feet of ledge area and last for years without needing replacement. It’s a permanent solution that you can utilize on fences, chimneys, and other spots where the birds love to perch.

Each of the spikes has a midrib with holes on it so you can nail it. You also have the choice to use a separate adhesive in case the surface can’t be nailed. The Bird-X Spikes are versatile as it can be bent up to 360 degrees without the spikes falling off.

Bird-X attests to its product’s quality. Proof of this is their 10-year warranty for the stainless steel spikes. You can purchase it, use it for the next decade, and still enjoy the coverage of their warranty. The best product for commercial bird proofing.

4. Homescape Creations Bird Repellent Scare Rods

Like the reflective disks, the Homescape Creations Bird Repellent Scare Rods will use its sparkly characteristics to send the birds away. Each of the spiral rods is 15-inches long and can be hung in gates, fences, windows, doorways, and even trees pestered by woodpeckers. When hit by light, the refraction would be blinding for the birds and since the rods are moving, it’s a total scare.

The best way of installing this is on an exposed area and with the other end freely moving in the air. You’ll get to scare the birds without any toxic chemicals or inhumane methods. Hanging this close to a glass window will also prevent birds from window strikes.

When you purchase this pack, you’ll get six scare rods and six installation hooks. You can get more if your area is bigger and there are more spots to be bird-proofed. This will serve both as a commercial bird proofing method and a decoration to your business or office building.

Homescape is confident about the quality of their products and if you’re not satisfied, you can send it back for a full refund. No questions asked. Although I doubt that it will not work with its shine and long construction.

5. Dalen OW6 Horned Owl Scare

Sometimes, feisty birds need feisty solutions. If your previous scares didn’t work, it’s time to show the best card in the deck. A predator: the Dalen OW6 Horned Owl Scare. It looks like a realistic owl with a well-painted body and haunting eyes. You can place this wherever the birds tend to flock and you will surely get the peace you need. Most of the time. Dalen Owl Scare is used on porches, garden, and façades to stop the flyers from landing.

The molded plastic owl is 16-inch tall and comes with a hollow inside where you can place rocks for weight. Put the red plug on and you’re good to go for the scare. Just remember to move the owl in different positions every day to be consistent in making it appear like a real predator.

If you’re going to place it outdoors, take note that the eyes will fade after two to three years due to weathering. It may work for some and not for the others depending on the birds you want to get rid of. Pair it with other scares to enhance its repelling factor.

Commercial bird proofing doesn’t have to be difficult. You can utilize some basic tips and complementeng products to drive away the flyers and stop them from dropping the “bombs”. Did we miss something on this post? Comment down below for updates!