Effective Ways to Stop Birds From Pooping on Windows!

Birds are beautiful creatures that play a crucial role in nature’s ecology. Birds will frequently congregate on windowsills because they provide refuge and shelter. However, the feces they leave behind are unappealing. Aside from clogging your windows, bird droppings can carry a variety of illnesses that are very hazardous to people. 


Additionally, the uric acid in bird droppings can eat away at the paint, wood, vinyl, or metal on your windowsill, causing permanent damage to these surfaces.


How to Prevent Birds from Pooping on Your Window Sill

👍Place Fake Birds at Strategic Locations


Most hardware and home improvement stores sell plastic owls and hawks. Place the predator bird on a conspicuous limb of a neighboring tree or your fence. Birds will notice the phony predators and know to avoid the area. 


Just make sure you move the fake bird’s location on a regular basis so other birds don’t become used to catching it in the same spot all the time.


👍Get an Ultrasonic Sound System


There are several sorts of sound systems meant to keep birds away from your yard. One such variety makes an incredibly high-pitched noise that people cannot hear but scares birds away. Most of these devices are motion-activated, so they will begin to function when they detect a bird flying past.


👍Hang some Mirrors


Hanging a few tiny mirrors on tree branches or your fence is a low-cost, do-it-yourself alternative for repelling birds. Birds often dislike flashy, moving objects and will continue on their course. 


When a bird sees their image in a mirror, it may believe there is already another bird present. This alerts the bird that the food supply has been depleted, and they flee.


👍Place Spinning Pinwheels


When the wind blows against them, they spin rapidly, causing motion and noise that frightens birds. The light reflected from the metallic material used to make the pinwheels also drives birds away. 


Attach the pinwheels to the top of your fence railing, leaning on where you’ve observed the most bird poops. While basic colored ones would suffice, if feasible, use ones made of a glossy or metallic substance.


👍Get Wind Chimes


Wind chimes are likely the most visually appealing bird repellent on the market. Birds dislike the sound since it is not one they are accustomed to or comprehend. Wind chimes can be hung from trees, your fence, over your porch, or one of the metal clips that they frequently come with. 


The wonderful thing about wind chimes is that they won’t be evident that you’re using them to drive away birds – they’ll just appear to be part of your garden or patio decor.


👍Install Reflective Bird Diverters


Reflective bird diverters are tiny, circular tags that you may attach to tree branches, your fence, and other nearby surfaces. Each tag has a picture that is designed to resemble the eye of a predator bird. Other birds will notice these “eyes” and be led to believe that predator birds are nearby. 


The tags will also be blown back and forth by the wind, giving birds the appearance that the predators are shifting.


👍Trim the Back Shrubs


Many birds choose to nest and deposit eggs amid dense bushes where they will be safe from predators and hazards. Consider cutting down bushes that line your deck or patio to discourage birds from breeding or hiding in them. 


Just make sure to thoroughly inspect the bushes before beginning to prune — keep an eye out for pre-existing bird or squirrel nests.


👍Remove Food Sources


Birds will be drawn to the seeds in bird feeders. If you have a bird feeder but also have a bird excrement problem, either move the feeder to the far end of your property or remove it entirely. Birds are also drawn to fruit and nut-producing trees and shrubs. 


Before you cut these trees down, consider hanging wind chimes, mirrors, or birds diverting from their branches.


👍Install a Flying Kite that Repels Birds


If you want to keep birds from depositing a single feather on your land, put something that will frighten them away from a distance. The easiest approach to keep birds away is to fly a bird repelling kite. 


It will soar over your land if you set it up on a windy day. The befeathered bugs would not dare to fly anywhere near it with such a massive and odd flying monster standing watch.


👍Use Lasers for Birds


Bird repellent lasers deter birds because small moving pinpoints of light flashing in an unexpected manner do not occur in nature. Because they’re unfamiliar to birds, they’ll believe they’re hazardous and fly away. 


So, if you want to keep birds away from your house at night, simply plug in the laser gadget and position it in the direction of where they like to hang out.


👍Use Liquid Repellant for Birds


Consider utilizing a non-toxic liquid bird repellent like Bird-X BS-GAL Bird Stop Liquid Bird Deterrent if you’re trying to figure out how to keep birds away from certain areas of your home. This bird repellant spray contains natural ingredients that emit odors that birds dislike. 


The widespread usage of this organically derived substance attests to its safety.


👍Call a Professional


Calling in the pros is the simplest and most effective approach to get rid of birds. It isn’t always the cheapest choice, but you certainly get your money’s worth. 


Remember that you are spending for the skills and tools that they have amassed through years of serving various residences and removing various pests.


Smells that Birds Despise

The use of spikes, bird statues, and mesh to repel birds is not always an option. Some regions may be harder to access and may not be as effective. 


This is why utilizing several fragrances to keep birds away from a specific region is considerably simpler and more successful. Certain odors that are pleasant to us may be repulsive to birds, making them a useful repellent.


✔️ Birds Do not like the Smell of Vinegar


An excellent and inexpensive DIY spray to repel birds off plants and flowers is a combination of apple cider vinegar and water. Because vinegar is acidic, its odor is uncomfortable and unpleasant to virtually all birds.


✔️Birds Hate the Peppermint Smell


A DIY peppermint oil spray is an effective natural bird repellent since these creatures hate the pungent odor that people find appealing. Simply mix a few drops of the oil into a cup of water and shake before spraying.


✔️Birds Despise Garlic


Garlic oil is widely suggested for bird deterrence since the product’s strong natural odor is undesirable to birds. Aside from being inexpensive, it is also a great non-toxic option to other potentially dangerous repellents.


✔️Birds Avoid Essential Oils


Most essential oils are disliked by birds. This is due to the fact that they do not have particularly powerful lungs, making it difficult for them to withstand the strong aroma of essential oils. To utilize it as a repellent, combine a few drops of the oil with water and sprinkle as needed.


✔️Birds Hate Cayenne Pepper


Birds avoid areas where this pepper has been sprinkled, causing cayenne pepper to be an efficient bird repellent. A simple DIY spray composed of water, liquid dish detergent, and pepper are likely to keep birds away.


✔️Birds Stay away from Citronella Oil


Citronella oil, which may be used with peppermint oil for optimum efficiency, is a great technique to dissuade birds from gardens or home plants. The resultant odor is pleasant for humans but repulsive for birds. As an extra bonus, it repels insects and bees while being fully non-toxic.


How to Get Bird Poop Out of a Window Sill

While bird viewing is enjoyable, bird droppings can be a problem for many households. Bird poop is not only unsightly, but it may also cause significant damage to windows if left cleaned for an extended length of time. This is because the waste is very acidic and dries rapidly, making cleanup difficult.


➖First Step


Take your equipment and begin cleaning the glass as soon as you discover the bird’s poop. Postponing the cleaning procedure will just make it more difficult. It is critical to act quickly before it damages your glass.


➖Second Step


Soak a sponge in warm water and apply it to the unclean area. This will aid in softening and loosening the bird feces. This is a vital stage in assisting you to quickly eliminate the bird poop.


➖Third Step


Before cleaning, let the bird droppings loosen or soften. If you wipe up the excrement soon away, you risk scratching the glass or causing further damage. Allow the solution to do its work.


➖Fourth Step


After the excrement has been saturated, gently scrub it with a sponge drenched in warm soapy water. When you’re finished, look around to see if there’s any debris left behind. If there is any leftover excrement on the window, use a plastic scraper or wiper to gently remove it.


➖Fifth Step


After removing all of the bird excrement from the glass, it’s time to thoroughly wash the whole window. Spray it with window cleaner and wipe it down with a dry, clean cloth.


Common Errors to Avoid When Cleaning Windows

❗Number 1 Mistake


Picking a bright day to clean your windows. Before you can wipe it off, the cleaner will have dried onto the heated glass, creating difficult-to-remove streaks. Start on the shaded side of the house if the weather isn’t cooperating.


❗Number 2 Mistake


The cleaner is sprayed on top of filth and dust. Before you begin, scrape debris off the window frame with a scrub or use a handheld vacuum or the dust extension on your machine. 


When dirt is combined with a cleaner, this prevents it from turning into mud. Using a microfiber cloth to swiftly dust shades and blinds, or extending the slats and using a moist cloth pursued by a dry cloth is the best way.


❗Number 3 Mistake


Saving money on window cleaning. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of sprays, particularly if your windows are filthy. You’ll need a lot of cleansers to disintegrate and suspend the filth so it can be washed away entirely.


❗Number 4 Mistake


Drying your windows with an old cotton cloth. Some people like to dry windows with newspaper, although reusable microfiber towels are preferable. They are extremely absorbent, washable, and leave the glass gleaming and streak-free. 


If you choose to use paper towels, select a high-quality brand. Paper towels that are too thin might shred and leave lint behind.


❗Number 5 Mistake


All of your windows may be cleaned in a single day. You should only clean your windows twice or three times a year. It’s much simpler if you divide the task and work on it room by room. When washing the window, wipe one side horizontally and the other vertically. If streaks appear, you’ll be able to tell whether they’re on the exterior or the inside.


Importance of Clean Windows

🟢Glass Degradation is Prevented


Debris on your window sill can be caused by bird poop, dust, and hard water. Dirt particles will penetrate the pores of the glass, contaminating and corroding it. The first thing you could notice is some little scrapes or cracks. 


An unmaintained window can eventually be modified on a structural level, necessitating a full replacement. Maintaining your windows will prevent this from happening and will extend the life of your windows significantly. 


It is especially vital to keep your windows clean if you live near a highway or construction site. Overspray from road salting or spray paint might be harmful to your property.


🟢Increase your Curb Appeal


Your home will glow with clean windows. Not only will this increase the value of your property, but it will also make your home appear fantastic for guests and family.


🟢Prevent Bad Air Quality


Dirt particles will accumulate on your windows and sills, reducing the air quality in your home. One of these particles might be bird feces, which could represent a serious health risk over time. Long-term exposure can potentially cause lung problems, among other medical problems. 


If the air in your home appears to be more sluggish than usual, a window cleaning might assist in clearing the air.


🟢Better View


If your windows are unclean, they are most likely blocking off natural light and color from the outside world. This may be downright dismal. Whether your view is moderate or clear, the translucent window is always better and pleasant to gaze through than a filthy screen. 


Clean windows also create a good impression on your visitors. No one wants someone to get an opinion about them just on a few windows, but this is something that individuals are constantly criticized for. Save even more money by keeping your windows in good condition.


🟢Improved Heating Efficiency


Excess dirt, dust, and particle accumulation can obscure portions of a window. All of this accumulation mirrors the sun’s UV rays and deprives your place of free heat. 


This additional expense will mount up over time on your energy bills. You may increase your home’s energy efficiency by cleaning your windows on a regular basis.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does the presence of birds on your window sill indicate?


A: Other beliefs hold that the bird that lands on your window is simply a messenger. Many believe the bird conveys a message of friendliness, while others say it conveys a message of death.


Q: How can I prevent birds from pooping on my balcony?


A: Repel birds from pooping on your patio or deck by using sparkling, moving objects.


Q: Will aluminum foil deters birds?


A: Birds dislike the feel of the foil in their beaks and will avoid it.


Q: What can I use to keep birds off my window sill?


A: Plastic Bird Spikes are one option for installing around your property. It creates a partial landing surface on which birds cannot land.


Q: Does reflective tape deter birds?


A: The brilliant colors and shimmering surface, along with the motion and scratching sound of the tape, drive birds away from any place where they are undesirable.


Q: What natural remedy keeps birds at bay?


A: Obtaining baking soda is one effective method. Sprinkle baking soda in areas where you’ve seen birds in your yard.


Final Thoughts


There are several approaches to removing bird excrement from your window sill. There are always alternatives to pick from based on what you are comfortable with and what services are accessible around you. It may be a big annoyance to wake up one day and see a large patch of dog excrement through your window. It has the potential to turn a good day into a poor one. You can avoid these things from happening if you use these methods.


When a bird poops on your window, there are simple ways to clean and remove it. Follow the methods we’ve provided to keep your window clean and clear of bird feces.