Top 7 Fake Owls To Scare Birds (The Buying Guide You Need!)

Perhaps you’ve seen a plastic owl keeping watch over a garden or a scarecrow sitting in a field. The aim is that the decoy will deter birds and other small animals from eating the food that lies beneath it. In the hopes that hungry animals will recognize the form of the fake owl and stay away, backyard gardeners hang toy owls. The owl decoy that can rotate its head like a real owl is the most effective way to keep birds out of your yard.

It’s not uncommon for birds to discover out that what you put in there isn’t real. Moving your owl decoy from one location to another is also a good idea to keep the birds away.

Fake OwlBrandOur RatingCheck Price on Amazon
Ugold Solar Powered Owl1
Besmon Plastic Scarecrow Owl
Galashield Owl Decoy3
GiftExpress Owl Decoy4
Ruolan Plastic Owl5
Hedoc Fake Owl6
Natelf Garden Owl 7

Best Fake Owls To Scare Away Birds – Top 7 Picks 

Our Number One Choice

Our Top Pick: Ugold Solar Powered Owl

Product Name: Ugold Solar Powered Owl

Product Description: This plastic owl from Ugold is the finest choice for scaring the birds. The fact that it is fueled by sunlight makes it one of a kind. It contains a solar panel on the back of the helmet, so you don't have to buy a battery or keep it charged on a regular basis. A set of flashing eyes on this faux owl scares away birds from distance, a characteristic that just a few companies have. It includes a rotating head that allows you to make your owl look like a genuine one while also tricking the birds. It can also hoot in a realistic manner, thanks to a built-in sensor. This faux owl has it all: light, music, and movement. If you and your neighbors become bored of the owl's hoots, you can turn it off. Since it is 100% hand-painted, it is not only useful, but it is also visually appealing. A fantastic addition to any yard, house, or patio. This product has been well-received by thousands of customers in the past. It works and looks as well as it says it does.

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  • Functionality
  • Realistic
  • Design
  • Value for Money


It appears to be a genuine owl since it is large, it moves, and it can produce sounds. Sand or pebbles, as well as high gusts, will not harm it, making it the only sturdy fake owls in the market. The owl’s head can be moved using the sensor, and the lit eyes make it really scarier. The sound is like a chirp or call from a hunter. The volume of the sound may be adjusted. Afflicting fear on the bird or vermin. During the day, there is also a solar panel for charging.


Moves like a real owl Looks like a real owl Affordable Sturdy


Only one size is available


Besmon Plastic Scarecrow Owl


Hand-painted on the surface of this owl scarecrow is a delicate, non-fading, water-resistant paint. This false owl has the ability to rotate its head, tricking all the irritating birds you’re trying to get rid of. For greater stability, the bottom tab is used to fill with sand. The hollow bottom of the plastic owl may also be simply placed on a stick or pole.

It may be put in the yard, patio, or porch since it has an elegant exterior. Even if you don’t have any birds to frighten away, you may still use it as a living room or outdoor decoration. You won’t have to worry about birds ruining your balcony with this scarecrow owl.

Pros and Cons




❌Limited sizes available

Galashield Owl Decoy

For maximum authenticity and effectiveness, this imitation owl includes reflective eyes and a realistic body. ensuring that the birds are misled to the point that they may flee To survive all weather conditions, it was painted with a delicate non-fading, and water-resistant paint.

With a fin on the rear of the head that functions as a natural wind vane, this owl decoy’s head spins in light breezes. The owl decoy’s authenticity is enhanced by the natural flow of motions.

It may be used as a decorative owl statue in your yard. This is also ideal for interior use as a room accent to improve the ambiance of your place because it is finely painted and carved.

Pros and Cons




❌Sizes are limited

GiftExpress Owl Decoy

This faux owl features a realistic design with hand-painted colors, making it easier to keep unwanted creatures out of your yard. The neck of this owl has an extremely flexible iron spring that allows it to effortlessly rotate its head by wing or by softly touching it. Allowing you to sway away from the birds with natural movements.

These owls are composed of high-quality, weather-resistant plastic as well as long-lasting paint. Each owl’s hand coloring is a fantastic characteristic that makes it distinctive. Each owl’s hand coloring will be somewhat different. The bottom may be filled with sand or tiny rocks to keep it sturdy, and it’s simple to operate.

Pros and Cons


✔️Unique painting patterns


❌Only available in plastic

Ruolan Plastic Owl

When birds fly over the fake owl’s feet, it detects movement and flashes its eyes, and makes a terrifying owlish sound when it detects movement. The nicest thing about this faux owl is that it is one of a kind in comparison to the ones that are accessible on the market.

This product’s only source of power is solar, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on batteries or recharge it; all you have to do is set it in the sun to charge it up. 

To secure the unit to a solid surface, a hammer screw spikes through revolving anchors at the bottom of the unit. It may also be used on ledges, decks, patios, boats, and other surfaces. Fill the base with rocks to help it keep in place and weigh it down.

Pros and Cons


✔️Solar Powered


❌No backup power

Hedoc Fake Owl

Keep unwelcome guests out of your garden, yard, or deck with this imitation owl’s big yellow blazing eyes that discourage birds. Hand-painted the faux owl’s surface with delicate, non-fading, water-resistant paint.

It is able to survive tough environments without fading, ensuring that you receive what you have paid for. The rear of the owl’s head includes a fin that naturally works as a wind vane and spins 360 degrees. To safeguard your yard, you can frighten all the birds from any angle. An anchor is built into the owl’s bottom, and you may fill it with sand or rocks to make it more weather-resistant.

Pros and Cons


✔️It can rotate its head in 360 degrees


❌Only available in plastic

Ohuhu Owl Sculpture

Without fading, cracking, or distortion, this imitation owl can resist any extreme storms for years to come. This owl statue is well-made from solid molding plastic in an owl form, and it looks much like a genuine owl.

In a breeze, its head can spin 360 degrees on its own, and a wind vane may be attached to the back of the head. Open the bottom tab of the fake owl and fill it with sand or grit to offer extra weight and stability in high-wind situations. When installing this imitation owl, no further tools are required. With the three nails included, you can install the genuine owl statue wherever and watch the birds fly away from your yard.

Pros and Cons


✔️Easy to install


❌Sizes are limited

Pests that are Afraid of Fake Owls

Pests can be kept away from your yard by displaying imitation owls. Since they are natural predators, owls hunt on a wide range of small animals and birds. They’re at the top of the food chain, and prey species try to avoid them as much as possible. 

They can help repel a wide range of pests because they’re such a wide spectrum of predators. Fake owls, in a sense, act as a scarecrow in a field, keeping tiny rodents, weasels, bats, and other creatures out of the vicinity.


Mice are one of the most frequent home pests in the world. They have the potential to transmit illness and pollute water and food. With their eating and nesting tendencies, they also do harm. Keeping a faux owl on display might help keep them away.


Rats, like mice, may transmit illnesses such as plague and inflict damage by eating through walls and insulation and nesting. Since rats are timid and wary, a faux owl might cause them to avoid the area.


Squirrels may be found all over the place, nesting in trees and other outside locations, but if they can get in, they’ll nest in attics and roofs as well. They’ve adjusted to living near people and won’t instinctively avoid populated regions, despite their shyness around people. 

Squirrels may cause property damage as well as spread disease. And squirrels are likely to be busy in areas where imitation owls are raised off the ground.


Although chipmunks aren’t as common as rats and mice, they do occur. They may harm timber beams and rafters if they get inside, and their digging can destroy lawns outside if they do get inside. To deter chipmunks from lingering, place imitation owls around your garden and even within.

Small Birds

Gardens may be destroyed by birds, who devour fruits, vegetables, and young plants. Their droppings may also be a source of sickness and parasites, as well as caustic in nature. To discourage little birds away, place imitation owls outside your home, on the roof, or in the yard.


Crows may cause a lot of harm to a garden by devouring the fruits and vegetables that grow there. While crows are wary of owls, a mass of crows will congregate to scare them away at times. For a higher likelihood of success, use bigger owl sculptures, comparable to great horned owls, to keep crows away.


Although hawks aren’t known for causing damage to people’s homes, they can eat small pets and poultry in the backyard. Both hawks and owls are predators. Even though they aren’t predators, they are both territorial, and they are both at the top of the chain. Hawks, on the other hand, are more likely to avoid conflict completely.

How to Mount Fake Owls on a Roof

It’s not just a matter of adorning a room with fake owls. Other birds, such as pigeons and seagulls, may be scared away by the plastic birds, causing a mess on your roof. 

Any rabbits chomping on your garden’s plants may be seen by a properly placed owl. These are generally fixed objects with illuminating eyes for a more lifelike appearance at night, or mechanical devices that flap their wings and give out a hoot when they are disturbed. 

You may either scare away unwanted creatures or provide them a new perch if you place your fake-feathered companion in the proper spot.

First Step: Choose the Right Fake Owls

Choose the ideal fake owls. The solar-powered fake owls are made more lifelike and scary by the additional effects of noise and flapping. And even if you only appreciate owls as a decoration or have small issues, a motionless bird may be beneficial if positioned in a realistic location.

Second Step: Unbox the Fake Owls

Take your owl out of its box. And as a result of the hollow nature of most non-mechanical plastic owls, you may fill them with sand, grit, or gravel.

Third Step: Position your Fake Owls

The rule of thumb when it comes to positioning is that the higher the better. The owl should ideally be perched on a chimney or tucked away in an eave, staring down on the birds that are creating trouble. 

Choose a location that is easy to see from the rabbit’s perspective. It might also be done using a tree limb that is roughly the same height as a regular ladder.

Fourth Step: Install your Fake Owls

Mounting hardware and instructions should be included with your owl. Drill holes through its feet if it isn’t secure enough, or if you want something especially secure. To get to your desired location, use a ladder and screw or nail it in place. 

You should make sure the ladder is secure, ideally with somebody holding the base of the ladder to keep it from falling. So, drill screws into a tree limb or fence post to anchor a tiny post or broom handle, or use cable ties to connect a small post or broom handle to a chimney or ledge.

Fifth Step: Move your Fake Owls Around

Make sure to move the owl around regularly once it’s up. It’s possible that if it’s not the real deal, the birds or rabbits will start to believe it. Eventually, the birds may consider it a wonderful location to relax. Changing things up a little should keep them from becoming wise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In the garden, do owls that are not real work?

A: If you move a fake owl around to keep crows out of a garden, it could work.

Q: When it comes to your yard, what’s the point of having fake owls?

A: They can be a low-cost, non-lethal way to deter some wildlife pests, such as birds and rodents, which are often prey for winged predators.

Q: Is it true that fake owls keep birds out of the garden?

A: False owls may prevent huge birds like hawks and other owls, but they can also deter tiny birds.

Q: Is it possible to keep squirrels out of my garden with a fake owls?

A: Squirrels will be deterred by an owl decoy in the yard, as owls generally hunt on squirrels. You will need to reposition the decoy frequently so that the squirrels do not become accustomed to its presence.

Final Thoughts

To keep the masquerade going, shift your fake owls about now and again. Pests will notice if a statue you’ve put in an area remains perched for an extended period of time. If feasible, try to do this every few days. This gives the impression that they are living and moving, at least from the perspective of their victim. 

And it may also shock a pest who has become accustomed to the fake owl’s presence. Aside from fake owl, you may also use reflective tape and hanging decorations that produce noise and reflect light in erratic patterns, such as wind chimes and pinwheels. Therefore, placing these items around your owl can dissuade curious bugs from approaching.