9 Bird Scares That Will Work Its Magic On Your Property

Using bird scarers is a known means of repelling feral fowls. It’s a safe choice especially for species protected by the federal law that killing or harming them could result in hefty fines and jail time. Also, these non-violent products save you from the mess of cleaning dead bodies or having to deal with manually driving the birds away. Just install it on your property, let it be, and observe fewer fowls perching, landing, roosting, or nesting on your private space.

But like any other products for bird proofing, bird scares have its own limits. It may not work all the time for all bird species. Like my favorite maxim says, “different strokes for different folks.” Remember that some birds are smart enough to detect a certain bird scare tactic while others are easy to frighten. Crows, for one, are clever and would discern a real predator or a decoy if you fail to move it regularly. But if you’re consistent with your strategy, they will believe you, and pass the warning onto their offspring.

So if you’re looking for the best bird scare products to stop the invasion on your property here are some guaranteed options I have for you.

1. Shiny rods and discs

Birds get disoriented with bright lights and reflections. So if your property is suffering from an infestation, hang some shimmering metal rods and discs. Once sunlight strikes it, the light will be reflected, thus scaring the birds due to the unusual vision. Also, their eyes are quite sensitive and can’t stand such strong sight if you’re using bird scarers.

One of the best rods out there is the HOMESCAPE CREATIONS set of spiral rods. It’s glimmering and moves when hung loosely on the other end. Also, it doesn’t look like a bird scare strategy as it provides a decorative element on the property or even vehicles where it’s used. A set of these rods have six spirals and accompanying hooks so you can use it right away. Each of the spirals is 15-inch long and any bird would surely see this in flight.

using bird scarers - spiral rods hung infront of house

In case you can’t use dangling spirals, make use of the Vivorr repellent discs. Each set has eight rotational discs that can be used on tree branches, porch, windows, doors, and almost anywhere. It’s shorter than the HOMESCAPE spirals but still very effective. The Vivorr set comes with hooks that you should assemble upon purchase.

2. Decoy predators

The ever-classic scare decoys! If your garden is plagued with pesky crows and pigeons, you can make use of decoy scares as a non-violent form of driving birds away. Using bird scarers like this mimics the look of an actual predator which, in turn, will send fear to the birds that will see it. However, you should know how to make decoy tactics work for you if you want to succeed in using this one.

If you’re thinking of buying the classic owl scare, check out the Dalen Gardeneer Natural Owl Scare. This one is a plastic statue of a perched Great Horned Owl. It has wide and yellow eyes that are spot on with the actual bird. Although plastic, it’s painted to embody realism. The decoy model is 16 inches tall and has a plug underneath so you can fill it with water or sand for weight.

The owl not working? The birds visiting your yard might be more scared of snakes. It’s best to pair your owl decoy with inflatable snakes or rubber snakes that you can place on your berries or plants. The model looks like an actual snake and you can get it in a set of three. Using bird scarers has to be creative.

3. Scare tape

Scare tapes are taking over the bird scare strategy nowadays. Not only does it produce blinding reflections, it also emits a thin metal sound that the birds will perceive as a threat. Most tape rolls of this kind can be used in any outdoor situation like farms, home gardens, porches, boats, and others. The other end of the tape should be left flapping in the air for added scaring effect. Just remember that this isn’t an adhesive tape and you’ll need to tie the other end or attach it with another tape.

If you were to ask me, I’ll recommend the De-Bird Scare Tape. You can get it in two different sizes, but you might want to use the extra thick version for more scare. This inexpensive method of fending off feral fowls will last long and is even more effective than predator decoys.

The De-Bird Scare tape is basically strips of iridescent material that when struck by light will produce shimmer. Even farmers use this to protect their crops against the pesky crows. Totally no mess to clean or birds to shoot once you have this in place.

4. Ultrasonic devices

Some building owners who don’t have the time to play the tricks of scaring prefer using bird scarers with advanced technology. They use ultrasonic devices to emit irritating sounds that will cause the birds to fly away. Ultrasonic devices, as many believe, can send critters and fowls off the property. However, the critical part here is the installation since ultrasonic devices only produce short-waved sounds.

using bird scarers - ultrasonic stake planted on the ground

When it comes to commercial options, one of the best finds is the ZZC ultrasonic device. It has the ability to repel “trespassers” on your property like rodents, skunks, rabbits, and the pesky birds. Take note that the ultrasonic sound this device produces has a reach of 170-degree horizontal and 60-degree vertical. Overall, its reach is at 45 feet and the birds would be blasted with high-frequency sounds the moment they are detected by the motion sensor.

If you want a device that can be mounted on your garden, look no further than the ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Repeller. It works the same as the ZZC device but the difference is that ZOVENCHI is solar-powered. Make sure that you buy yours from the seller named LAIER to avoid knock-off versions.

Before installing this, remember that cats domesticated cats, dogs, and birds will also be irritated by using bird scarers of the same kind.

5. Scare balloons

Is your boat pestered by flocks of gulls? If so, hang some scare balloons onboard to stop the fowls from landing. This can also be used on gardens, porches, windows, and on swimming pools. These scare balloons are usually yellow in color but there are black and white variants to blend with the surroundings. The balls have circular, holographic eyes, mimicking with that of an owl. When hanging loose, the wind will move it, thus appearing to be alive in the eyes of the birds.

The balloons can be as large as a basketball so it can cover an area of 6,000 sq. ft. If you want to get all the colors, check out the Bird-X Scare Balloon Set. It has one piece of yellow, black, and white balloons that have a 3D effect. These balloons are made of strong Mylar that can withstand extreme outdoor weather including the damaging UV rays. It won’t easily fade or puncture.

The set may come with strips of glossy plastic that you can attach as the tail of the balloon. The fluttering effect on the wind will scare the birds even more when you’re using bird scarers like this.

6. Mechanical spider

Are your air-conditioning units plagued by pigeons? Or is your boat a hangout place for gulls? If so, you can make use of the mechanical spider as a method to drive the fowls away. This product doesn’t really look like a freaky spider, but it bears some legs that resemble with that of a giant daddy long legs crawler. These thin legs are attached to a spinning center that can be mounted on any flat surface.

One example of this product is the Bird B Gone Bird Spider Repeller. It has thin metal legs with plastic caps on each end. The legs are bouncy plus the rotating ability of the base will surely send the birds flying away. You have the choice to glue this down or use a screw to fix the base or just tie it firmly that it won’t be taken down by strong winds.

The Bird B Gone Mechanical Spider comes in different sizes, starting from the small two feet range up to the biggest eight feet coverage. Each of the mechanical spiders is wind-tested so it’s added assurance here when you’re using bird scarers.

7. Pinwheels

Pinwheels are more than just adorable additions to your fence or establishment façade. Those made of shiny materials like foil are intended to send the birds away. It’s a combination of movement and blinding shimmer that will discourage the birds from paying you another unwanted visit.

The good thing about pinwheels is that each piece is small and you can place it almost anywhere you want to. You can even mount one on top of your car or place another on your window without obstructing the view. Some are larger to ensure that the birds from afar will see it even before they close in on your property.

using bird scarers - colorful pinwheels planted on the soil

If you want a bigger one or your garden, get the In The Breeze Pinwheel set. This has eight pieces of iridescent wheels measuring eight inches wide and attached to a foot-long wand. The material used for the rotating wheels is durable Mylar that won’t easily tear or crush even during strong winds. I suggest that you get the set with the color the same with that of scare tapes.

You can surround your garden with these pinwheels if you prefer using bird scarers like this.

8. Motion-sensor jet blasters

Aggressive birds need aggressive scaring. If the gulls won’t leave your boat alone or the crows keep on pestering your yard, it’s time that you get a jet blaster to send them away. This device is a motion-activated sprinkler that will release spurts of water the moment it detects a movement. Most of the time, these jet blasters are harmless and unlikely to injure or kill the fowls. The worst that may happen is their feathers being soaked wet.

The top pick for this device is the Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent. It has coverage of 1,200 sq. ft. and works in a 9-volt battery that can last up to six months in use. Your yard will surely be free of critters and birds once you install this in. Just make sure you refer to the installation instructions well as the stakes have to be mounted in a specific way.

For another option, you can check out the Hoont Outdoor Jet Blaster. It works the same way with the Scarecrow Repellent but the sensor is only effective for movements within 30 sq. ft. This is a good thing, though, if you only have a small garden and you don’t want the water blaster to be turning on and off with just a slight motion.

9. Chimney Cowls

If the birds keep on nesting on your chimney, you probably need to put something in there that’s moving. A chimney cowl is a good option as it can serve as ventilation and a deterrent for birds too. Cowls are usually made of shiny stainless steel, and when that meets sunlight, your roof becomes a blinding surface to land at.

If you’re looking for a cowl, try the VEVOR Chimney Cap. It can be mounted directly on the flue of your chimney. It has slit designs that are disorienting for the birds. However, it’s important to remember that you should only mount this during the season when your chimney is not in use and not emitting smoke.

Using bird scarers are effective ways of removing the birds out of your property without hurting or killing them. There are products you can utilize as I listed here, but make sure you practice some tactics to make it work its full potential. Do you have something to add? Share it with us below!