Are There Natural Bird Repellent Sprays?

! youBirds can truly be beautiful, graceful creatures that play a big part in our environment. There are tons of birds out there in the world today, and quite honestly so many that are unfathomably beautiful. What’s unfortunate, however, is the fact that in some cases, birds can in fact become pests. There are many different types of birds that have invaded urban spaces, and even suburban areas, to the point where they wreak havoc and cause a lot of problems. This is the type of thing that leads many people to ask – are there any natural bird repellent sprays? If this is the same question that you are here to find the answer to, don’t worry, because we are definitely here to help.

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Pest birds may vary from area to area, but the common thing across all species and types is the fact that they can present many a problem to homeowners. Furthermore, these pest birds can cause issues to health and safety. Due to this, it is imperative to keep the pest birds away. However, just because they are pests doesn’t mean you should kill them! It’s most noteworthy that these pest birds should still be treated as humanely as possible – as long as you basically keep them off your property. That’s why we want to talk about various methods to scare birds away, as well as natural bird repellent sprays.

Today, we will talk about the common species of birds that are considered pests, as well as how to get rid of them (in a completely humane way!).

What Type of Birds Are the Most Common Pests?

First of all, we want to discuss the type of birds that are most commonly considered to be unwelcome pests. You probably already know some if not all of these birds – after all, they are certainly quite common in a lot of different places. As a matter of fact, some of these birds have taken over entire cities with their uncontrolled populations (we’re looking at you, pigeons). So, before we get talking about the natural bird repellent sprays we want to review today, first let’s discuss these feathered creatures.


Pigeons, also known as rock doves, have quite a varied reputation all over the world. In the olden age, pigeons were quite useful, often holding down jobs as messengers and trackers. Even up until today, some pigeons are used in things such as pigeon races. This isn’t exactly humane, but nevertheless, many pigeons are still used for this purpose. But what exactly makes pigeons such pests, so much so that they are completely unwelcome on many people’s properties?

Well, pigeons are considered to be pests simply for the reason that they have invaded urban and even suburban places. There are also many other reasons why this particular feathered creature is considered to be such a problem. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Pigeons carry diseases

Perhaps the most noteworthy reason on this list is the fact that pigeons or rock doves can carry a lot of diseases. As a matter of fact, as a homeowner the first thing that we would usually buy a natural bird repellent spray for this precisely this reason. Pigeons can carry diseases that are really harmful to human beings. Some of these diseases, if not most of them, are more harmful to infants and younger children, as well as the elderly among us. Due to this, it’s really important to keep the pigeons away so that you can preserve the health of your family.

Pigeons will carry diseases and transmit them through their feces or droppings. Even though most of us know not to touch bird droppings with our bare hands, this still poses a risk regardless. This is because once the droppings become dry, they end up turning into dust or powder which is then picked up by the wind. This bacteria or virus infected powder can get blown into your home, and then inhaled by your family. Some of the diseases that pigeons can bring are E. Coli, candidiasis, St. Louis encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and salmonellosis to name a few. If you don’t want any of these diseases to affect your family, then the best thing that you can do is to keep the pigeons away.

Pigeon droppings cause a lot of problems

Aside from the possibility of getting diseases from pigeon droppings, the feces of these fowl can also cause a number of different problems. For example, pigeon droppings are rather acidic. Because of this, it can basically harm or stain any surface that it lands on. If you’re trying to keep the paint job of your car pristine, then you do not want to be parking anywhere that pigeons commonly hang out. Pigeon droppings can also be very unsightly, and as a result it can ruin the aesthetics of your property.

These droppings can also invite many other different types of pests. And so, if you begin to see some rats and cockroaches hanging out around your property, one thing that you can certainly look to blame are the pigeon droppings around the area. Furthermore, pigeons and their droppings can cause a lot of problems and damage to your property. In fact, in a lot of cases roofs collapse and require replacement sooner due to pigeon droppings causing them to weaken over time.

House Sparrows

Although house sparrows can be quite small and adorable, do not be fooled. This is because house sparrows can also be quite unwelcome pest. The common house sparrow is truly small, tiny in fact. However, this does not change the fact that house sparrows have begun to take over many different places all over the world. It has been found in places like Hawaii and Siberia – and they got there by stowing away on ships, not by flying. Let’s see why these tiny fiends are not as cute as they seem.

House Sparrows are evil

House sparrows can be harmful because it nests before the other birds can. In doing this, they basically claim the best places available to raise their young. Now, there isn’t exactly anything wrong with this, is there? Surely not, except for the fact that a pair of house sparrows once nested will go looking for other nests and then destroy whatever they find there. Yes, these sparrows are rather evil you could say – they will go to another nest and destroy it. If they find other birds or chicks, they will kill them. These house sparrows will even destroy any eggs that they find.

As if that’s not enough, these sparrows will likewise turn against each other. Male sparrows are not usually monogamists, meaning that they will have many other female partners. However, the female sparrows are usually unhappy about this. But instead of killing the male bird, they will instead kill the chicks and eggs that came from other females. She may also kill the other females as well. As a result, she will then enjoy the male sparrow’s exclusive attention.

House Sparrows Will Take Over and Kill Native Species

These pesky birds are definitely evil by nature. By that, we mean that house sparrows will travel in gangs and attack as well as kill many different varieties of bird species that are American natives. For example, they will take over nest sites and smash eggs of purple martins and bluebirds, among many others. House sparrows will literally peck other birds to death. Talk about invasive, right?

They Will Eat Seeds and Some Flowers

These birds are also not very big on eating insects. Even though they may look harmless, the fact is that they can actually destroy some of your plants and flowers because they also prefer to eat seeds. Therefore, if you have flowers such as yellow crocuses, aconites, and even primroses, you can expect them to be destroyed by these feathered pests.


Another bird that is famous for being a pest is the European Starling. Although this Blackbird is beautiful come over this iridescent feathers and multiple colors, this bird can wreak quite a bit of havoc in urban and rural areas. They can be quite a nuisance, considering their population has grown really big in recent years. Although it is not quite as bad as a pigeon or a house sparrow, a starling can still cause some overwhelming damage to structures and properties.

In the flocking phase, thousands upon thousands of these birds can overwhelm trees as well as buildings. This can cause severe damage to the structural integrity of a property and a roof. A build up of droppings from these birds can lead to a lot of damage to gutters, drainage pipes, and roofs. This is because the uric acid found in the feces of these birds can cause erosion in metal, stone, and even masonry such as bricks. There are also some fungi and bacteria as well as parasites in the droppings of this beautiful nuisance bird. Although it certainly may not cause consequences as severe as the other two birds on this list, it is still a good idea to find a natural bird repellent spray to keep them away.

Natural Bird Repellent Sprays

Now that we have talked about the Top 3 common nuisance birds in urban areas, we believe it is now time to talk about natural bird repellent sprays for keeping them away. Using these sprays is ideal because it is not harmful for the birds, and above all it is also safe for humans.

Havahart Critter Ridder 3145 Spray

One good option that we have found for keeping the birds away is the Havahart Critter Ridder Animal Spray. This product has a formula that is patented and is 100% natural and organic. It’s formula works rather quickly, helping to keep cats, dogs, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, and other types of nuisance creatures away from your property. This spray is uniquely resistant to the rain and can protect up to 320 sqft. One application is supposedly enough to provide up to 30 days of animal repelling action.

In the formula you will find active ingredients such as piperine, capsaicin, and oil extract from black pepper. This product is OMRI listed and is also registered with the EPA. It has been tested by a third party and was proven to be effective and keeping nuisance creatures away. It comes in a 32 ounce spray bottle for your convenience.


✔️All natural and safe for both animals and humans alike


✔️Many reviews say it is quite effective

✔️Humane way of keeping nuisance animals away

✔️No disgusting odor unlike some other sprays


❌Some reviews saying it does not work on certain types of animals

Natural Armor Repellent Spray

Another option in terms of natural bird repellent sprays is the Natural Armor Repellent Spray. this product comes in 4 different scents some of them being peppermint and Rosemary. It claims to work in terms of keeping rats, cats, mice, squirrels, dogs, deer, raccoons, skunks, and birds away from your property. This product is supposedly usable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It’s extremely easy to use – simply shake it and spray it. The bottle comes with a heavy duty sprayer to prevent clogs. This product is advertised to cover roughly about 1000 square feet. It claims to last up to 90 days per spray application.

Natural Armor Repellent Spray Contains no poisons or harsh chemicals. Its formula is food grade, because all of the ingredients are safe and all natural. The company selling this product also provides a money back guarantee in case you were unhappy with your purchase.


✔️Available in 4 different scents


✔️Really affordable

✔️Heavy duty sprayer prevents clogging

✔️Many happy reviews

✔️Money back guarantee


❌Low rating – a significant number of unhappy reviews

❌Some say it works for only a short period of time before needing to be reapplied


When it comes to keeping the nuisance birds out of your property, you know how to do it. The best ways to do it is to use a natural bird repellent spray. These sprays are humane for the animals and safe for everybody in your home. We hope that we have provided you with a lot of information! This should help you in your decision of which spray to buy. Good luck keeping the birds away!