How To Keep Birds Away From Security Cameras: A Quick Guide

Picture this: an incident happened on your property. To find who the culprit is, your family asked to review the CCTV footage. Unfortunately, the only suspects captured are birds blocking and nesting on your cameras. The birds will also cause false detections on the sensor, which will make your cameras less efficient. To prevent this from happening, you should know how to keep birds away from security cameras.

In this post, I will share some tips on how to keep birds away from your CCTV cameras together with other useful info.

The problem with birds on security cameras

how to keep birds away from security cameras

Birds photo-bombing security cameras aren’t a new thing. Many households and commercial establishments have dealt with this problem. For areas with a large population of swifts and pigeons, this problem is often recurring and invasive.

Moreover, birds tend to nest on security cameras because of the structural support it provides. Also, some security cameras are mounted on corners of eaves where birds tend to nest.

Most birds will not perch on security cameras since it’s too smooth of a surface. However, they surely love nesting on it. If you don’t check it often, you’ll be surprised that your security cameras have turned into a spy cam inside a bird’s nest.

It’s suggested that birds might be seeing its reflection on the camera lens cover. This will cause the bird to perceive the reflection as an enemy. It could lead to pecking and serious damages to the device.

Aside from birds, security cameras are also attractive to flies, moths, and other insects due to their light. It’s important to seek permanent solutions here to ensure that your CCTV is serving its purpose.

How to keep birds away from security cameras

If you’re getting frustrated over the bird problem in your CCTV cameras, you can do the following:

✔️Hang shiny deterrents

If you’re looking for the easiest way to repel the birds away from your security camera, shiny deterrents are a good choice. You can purchase twisting reflective rods that you can hang at the side of the cameras. Shiny tapes are also a good choice.

However, you should be careful in placing these deterrents. You should avoid the reflection from ruining the view of your security camera. After installing the deterrents, you should check if it affects the view of your camera, especially in terms of false detections.

Take note that shiny deterrents should be paired with other solutions for the best results. Sometimes, birds can overcome the reflection and still infest your security cameras.

✔️Apply a bird deterrent gel

Another option you can use is a bird gel deterrent. This will prevent birds from perching and nesting into your security cameras. We recommend Bird-X Bird-Proof® Gel Bird Repellent.

I suggest wrapping the security camera’s case using cling wrap. This way, the deterrent gel won’t get into the circuits. It will also make it easier for you to clean the camera since the gel deterrent can attract dust and dirt.

Bird deterrent gels don’t hurt birds. However, it can get into their feathers. If there’s a great number of protected birds in your area, you should consider other methods here instead.

✔️Concoct a homemade bird spray

While commercially available bird deterrents are available, you can also make yours at home. Kitchen items like vinegar and chili powder can be diluted as a deterrent spray. You can apply this to the surrounding areas of your security cameras.

Other homeowners use apple cider vinegar. Basically, anything with a foul smell will help in keeping the birds away. Still, make sure that the ingredients aren’t toxic or harmful for animals.

✔️Clean your cameras weekly

Cleaning and checking your security cameras every week is crucial to prevent birds from nesting in them. Even a quick glance every day before you head out will help. This way, you can drive the birds away before they start forming a nest.

You should also hire a security camera maintenance provider periodically. They can check the condition of your CCTV cameras in case you’re worried about bird-induced damage. In some cases, maintenance providers have contacts with animal control experts to help get rid of bird’s nests on your security cam.

✔️Use a lubricant on the camera case

Lubricants like Teflon spray or even Vaseline is a good alternative to a bird deterrent gel. Slather it all over the surrounding areas and the body of your camera. The texture of the lubricant will be too slippery for birds to set their nest on.

Before applying the lubricant, make sure that you cover the lens with tissue paper. Lubricants are sticky, and getting them into the camera lens accidentally is a hassle. It’s not easy to remove, and it will take you additional time to clean up.

Also, you only need a thin layer of lubricant, so there’s no need to make a big mess on your camera. Take note that most security cameras are angled downwards. The excess lubricant can slide through and block the lens.

✔️Set up a bird feeder at a distance

Another trick homeowners use is setting up a bird feeder and birdhouse at a distance. This is with the hopes that the bird will leave your cameras alone and target the feeder instead. This may or may not work, depending on your location, but it won’t hurt to try.

Before you set this up, it’s important to talk about it with your neighbors. Bird feeders will attract a lot of flyers, which also translates to noise and bird poop.

If the feeder didn’t help in keeping the birds away from your security cameras, you could try other methods listed here.

✔️Use a siren

One of the guaranteed ways to send birds away is by scaring them with a loud sound. You can set up a motion-triggered siren. If positioned properly, the siren will set off the moment the birds start flying towards the camera. The sudden and loud sound will surely startle even the toughest birds in your yard.

Aside from the typical siren sound, you can also program it with predator audio bites. This will make the method more effective, especially if you’re not at home to ward off the pesky birds.

The only downside here is that your neighbors may not be fond of the noise.

✔️Put up an electrified track around the camera

Another option you can try is an electrified track. This includes a pliable rubber material with a conductor in the middle. You can place it around your security cameras. Once the bird perches or touches the conductor, it will receive a corrective shock.

Take note that electrified tracks to repel birds won’t kill the fowls. It will just send a warning static charge enough to send the birds flying away.

Shock Tape sells a DIY kit for keeping birds off rooftops, patios, windowsills and fences. It’s intended for bird behavior modification so that they will leave your property alone.

✔️Utilize an ultrasonic deterrent

Many homeowners swear by ultrasonic deterrents in keeping birds away from their security cameras. Just remember that ultrasonic deterrents use short soundwaves that can’t pass through walls. It’s best to mount it near or right beside the camera for the best protection.

However, ultrasonic deterrents can also irritate pets. This is a small caveat, but if you don’t have any household pets, this wouldn’t be an issue.

In this post, I reviewed five of the best ultrasonic bird repellents that you can buy. Check the full reviews here!

✔️Consult an animal control expert

Lastly, you can consult an animal control expert on how to deal with pesky birds on your security cameras. This is also a good move if there’s already a nest blocking your cam. This way, you won’t be exposed to potential danger and the risk of breaking the law.

Most localities have an animal control agency that the residents can call for things like this. Firefighters are also trained to perform such tasks, especially if you suspect that the birds can be dangerous to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do birds attack security cameras?

A: While there are some reported cases of birds attacking security cameras, there’s no solid proof that they do so on purpose. It’s possible that birds are mistaking your camera as prey because of its appearance and location. If you notice that birds are attacking and pecking on your cameras, you should consider relocating it to a new spot.

Q: Should you hide CCTV cameras to avoid birds?

A: While hiding your CCTVs may avoid the pesky birds, it will also defeat its purpose. It’s crucial to install security cameras in visible areas to deter burglars. Otherwise, your cameras will become spy cams, which will not send thieves away.

Q: What home remedy can keep birds away?

A: Diluted vinegar and chili pepper are effective in repelling birds. However, spraying this into your CCTV cameras may blur the screen. You can still apply this solution but do so cautiously. If the birds still block your security cameras, you can try the other tips listed above.

Q: Can birds damage security cameras?

A: Birds can damage your security cameras, especially if they peck on them repeatedly. Also, bird droppings can corrode the circuity of the cameras over time. Whether the birds can damage it or not, it’s still best to keep them away for an unobstructed view.

Q: Is it illegal to kill birds blocking a security camera?

A: The federal law has strict rules when it comes to killing protected species. Regardless if they are blocking your security cameras or not, it’s illegal to exterminate these birds. You must call an animal control expert instead if you don’t know how to handle the avian situation.

Final words

Knowing how to keep birds away from security cameras will save you from the hassle. It will ensure that your cameras are covering your property efficiently. The good thing is that there are many ways you can try at home. When in doubt, you can always call an animal control expert to help deal with the problem. Always aim for non-violent and safe methods at all times.

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