6 Solar Panel Bird Deterrents To Discourage Pigeons From Nesting On Your Property

Pigeons cause millions of dollars in damages every year. They block air conditioning systems, ruin gutters, and corrode buildings due to the uric acid component of their droppings. Feral pigeons are worse since they nest everywhere that can result in damages in just a short time. If not addressed, pigeons cause havoc on machinery placed on the roof or top of buildings including solar panels. This is the reason why a solar panel bird deterrent kit is a must to have.

Homeowners and even businesses install these panels to save money from electricity bills. As much as it’s useful for humans, it’s also beneficial for the pigeons. The underpart of the solar panels has a gap enough to be a nesting place for the birds. Although this might not be a bad thing if you love a few cute pigeons, a whole flock can take refuge under your solar panels. The last thing you know is that they already corrode and damage the circuits.

Instead of saving money from your hefty electricity bill, the end situation is you spent more to get a replacement for your panels. First, it’s not adorable, and second, that is a great waste of money.

So how you can send the pesky pigeons away from your panels? Here are some legit deterrent kits that you can use during installation.

1. Predator Guard Scare Tape

Setting up an electrocuting trap isn’t the wise way to go when you want to drive pigeons away. They would just die on your roof, leaving you with the task to clean them up. It’s also brutal. So to skip any further hassle, you might as well use the DE-BIRD Scare Tape. This looks like a fancy gift wrapper you’re going to use for someone else’s lit party.

This solar panel bird deterrent kit is actually used by farmers and agricultural companies to drive away any birds from their crops. You just have to round the solar panels with a long strip enough to cover all the possible entryways of the pigeons.

This tape works by producing blinding shimmer when struck by sunlight. This is a nuisance for birds and may cause disorientation if they come close. If let flapping in the wind, the tape will also produce metallic sounds that the pigeons hate. The sound is threatening enough to drive birds away as well as other small animals. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm the birds and it just sends them away.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an adhesive tape so you have to either tie it or secure it with a sticky surface.

solar panel bird deterrent kit - scare tape

Pro: It’s eco-friendly, long-lasting, and simple to use.

Cons: Only works its wonders during the daytime when the sunlight strikes the tape. Anyway, the sound it produces may do the job for the night.

2. Abco Tech Bird Spikes

In case you don’t find the scare tape working, you can explore another solar panel bird deterrent kit like the OFFO Bird Spikes. This isn’t a deadly spike, but one that will discourage the birds from staying under your solar panels. The Abco Tech is a set of 10 x 48.8 cm plastic spikes that you can place under the panels using an adhesive. Since the surface has a spiky construction, it would be uncomfortable for the pigeons to stay at. No pigeons would go roosting on your roof too if you surround it with these spikes.

Basically, this bird spike is used on top of fences and railings to discourage birds from staying and leaving smelly droppings. But you can also use this to secure the perimeter of your solar panels. Place it under and around the panels to ensure that no birds can make a nest on it. It will also drive off larger animals like cats who want to cozy up under the panels.

The good thing about this Abco Tech is it won’t hurt the birds or kill them. There would be no cleaning needed. If the spikes don’t work, you can contact the seller and you can have a 100% guarantee from your purchase.

Pros: It’s easy to install and can work for a long time if it stays attached to the underpart of the panels.

Cons: You have to place lots of it under the solar panels.

3. BirdBlock Netting Mesh

Do you want a guaranteed way to keep pigeons off the solar panels? Then use the BirdBlock Netting Mesh Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit around the spaces as a barrier. It’s made of heavy polypropylene that will stop the pigeons from nesting or roosting on your roof. This netting mesh works all the time but you have to ensure that you attach it well. Every set of the netting mesh can be used for a year before needing replacement. It’s UV-resistant so you get the best quality mesh in town.

This net mesh comes in different sizes and you can pick one that suits the perimeter of your solar panels.

solar panel bird deterrent kit - net mesh

The BirdBlock Netting Mesh isn’t just made for roof use, it can also protect crops from birds that eat the fruits as well as destructive rodents. In case the BirdBlock failed to ward birds away, you are entitled to a full-refund warranty. Just make sure that you tuck the underpart well as some pigeons can be really smart and swoop from under or top.

If you have a flower bed or strawberries on your yard that the pigeons keep on ruining, you can use this solar panel bird deterrent kit as protection.

Pros: It’s simple and easy to use. The net is very durable and can be used for a long time before needing replacement.

Cons: Some small birds can get stuck on the tiny holes and die. Anyway, there’s a low probability for this.

4. Bird B Gone Solar Bird Chase Supersonic

Aside from the conventional barriers and scare tapes, there are technologically-advanced means to send the pigeons away. The Bird B Gone Solar Bird Chase Supersonic is one of the popular brands in terms of bird repellers. This product works by producing distress and predator calls in the atmosphere. There are 24 pre-recorded distress sounds and you can even program it to target a specific bird you want to drive away.

This can be used for general setting to ward off birds like woodpeckers, pigeons, crows, seagulls, geese, starlings, and more. The best thing about this Bird B Gone device is its solar-powered system that will work even if you don’t have a power source nearby. The solar panel bird deterrent kit will also charge its internal battery to keep it working even during cloudy and rainy days. Once the light sensor detects light, it will shut down the unit and let it work on stored energy. You can also attach it to your solar panel to avoid running out of battery.

The Bird B Gone is usually used on land, but you can find ways to mount it on your roof.

Pros: The distressing sound it produces really works in driving the pigeons away from your solar panels.

Cons: Some sounds can be too screechy and annoying if your solar panels are placed near someone else’s window or house.

5. Bird Barrier Bird Slide

Aside from the netting mesh, one barrier that will discourage pigeons from perching is a bird slide. Nope, it’s not the fun slide, but it also has the same slippery surface that will make the birds slide off when they try to nest. It’s an economical choice of a solar panel bird deterrent kit for those who don’t want to spend much just to secure their panels. There’s no way that this bird slide will harm the pigeons or any animals that will go near it.

solar panel bird deterrent kit - bird slide

Usually, these bird slides are made of strong vinyl that can withstand weathering and bird droppings. The best bird slide is one with the 45-degree angle so no birds can land on it. Bird slides are also aesthetic choices since it can be painted with different colors but make sure that it doesn’t lose its gloss.

For the Bird Barrier, you’ll get one that’s made with equally durable UV polycarbonate that you can attach using a special glue. This is a big bird ledge that spans five feet. You can get multiple bird slides or have it cut in sizes that will surround your panels. Bird slides don’t usually need replacement except if it got damaged or the angle is already drooping.

Pros: Guaranteed to discourage nesting or landing on the place where you’re going to put these.

Cons: None so far. You just have to ensure that the angle of the solar panel bird deterrent kit is on point.

6. Bird-X STS-10-R Stainless Spikes

Are plastic spikes not working for you? If the pigeons on your area tolerant of the pointy plastic, maybe it’s time to level up the obstruction. Use the Bird-X STS-10-R Stainless Spikes. This has a fish-bone like center where the stainless spikes are attached. You can place this beneath the solar panels and you’re sure that no birds will dare nest or roost.

Although it’s a spiky barrier, it doesn’t hurt or kill the birds in any way. These spikes don’t need much maintenance since it’s made of non-corrosive steel. Another great thing about these spikes is that the middle part is flexible. You can bend it and wrap it around poles whenever you wish so.

This two-pack solar panel bird deterrent kit covers 20 linear feet with a five-inch width. The material won’t decay even if it’s dotted with bird droppings or exposed to harsh weathers. To permanently install this, use the holes in the mid-part of the spikes to nail or tie it securely.

Pros: It comes with a whopping 10-year warranty so you’re assured of quality and long-lasting bird barrier.

Cons:  None so far. Just make sure that you get one without loose spikes. Otherwise, the set won’t function optimally.

Some Reminders To Make A Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit Work

solar panel bird deterrent kit - birds on solar panels

No matter how many effective pigeon barriers you got, there would surely be some glitch that you’ll encounter in the process. Here are some reminders for you to keep:

Regular checking

As much as each item I listed here is efficient, take time to climb on the roof or wherever you installed your panels. Check if the barrier is right in place or if it needs replacement. You might also want to dust it off or remove birds that got stuck tragically.

Not all repellents are made equal

Steel spikes may not work as efficiently as a net mesh in some conditions and vice versa. You have to assess how ‘feisty’ the birds are in your area to know what works for you. When picking your choice of repellent or barrier, make sure that it works against the birds you want to get rid of.

You might need to experiment

Like what I said earlier, not all repellents would function the same. Try one after the other until you find the item that works on your situation. Some spikes or mesh could be for a lesser flocked area.

Extend your patience

If the birds keep on nesting under your solar panels (which is outlandish if you installed steel spikes), don’t go on a state of frenzy. Install a harder mesh or a sturdier spike. You can combine all these including the sonic repellent for a guaranteed solution.

A solar panel bird deterrent kit is useful if you’d replaced panels numerous times due to bird damages. Don’t let the flyers roost or land freely. Drive them away with any of these products and you’ll surely have peace of mind. The good thing is that most of these items are affordable and you can get a set that can last numerous replacements.

Do you have something to add on these personal picks of mine? Let us know below in the comment section!