How to Get Rid of Grackles in Trees

Do you want to know how to get rid of grackles in trees? Perhaps you have a problem with grackles roosting in your trees and leaving behind droppings and noise. Luckily, there are some humane methods to rid yourself of these birds.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best ways to get rid of grackles in trees. So that you can enjoy your outdoor living space without being disturbed by these noisy birds.

What Exactly Are Grackles?


Grackles may look like common blackbirds, but they’re quite unique! They inhabit much of North and Central America and some parts of the Caribbean. With a metallic sheen to their feathers and distinctive noises, you can find these birds in both urban and rural areas.

In fact, many people appreciate their constant presence due to the loud buzzing sound they make and their acrobatic nature while flitting around the sky. However, these birds can be quite a nuisance for some people due to their tendency to take root in nearby trees. These birds can be incredibly messy, leaving behind droppings and making a great deal of noise.

Grackles have been known to feed on almost anything they find. Humans collect everything from insects to corn and other grains. They can even eat small fish and frogs.

Reasons Why Grackles are a Nuisance in Trees 

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having grackles in your trees, then you know how frustrating they can be. From their loud calls to their messiness, grackles can quickly become a nuisance if not dealt with properly. Let’s look at why grackles can easily become a problem for homeowners who have them in their trees. 

☛Messy Droppings

One of the biggest issues when it comes to grackles is their droppings. These droppings smell bad and attract other animals and can also stain and damage surfaces like walkways or decks. To make matters worse, because grackles usually flock together in large groups, the number of droppings they leave behind can be overwhelming. 

☛Noise Pollution 

Another major issue with grackles is that they are extremely loud birds. Their calls tend to be very loud and can go on for hours, making it difficult to enjoy being outside or focus on everyday tasks. The noise pollution from these pest birds can quickly become too much for many homeowners who don’t want to put up with constant squawking daily. 

☛Destruction of Property

Grackles are notorious for destroying property as they search for food and nesting material. They will often tear apart shingles off roofs or chew through wires looking for food or nesting materials, which can cause serious damage and cost homeowners money in repairs. 

☛Disease Transmission 

Grackles are known carriers of several diseases, including salmonella and West Nile virus, which can be spread to humans if not handled properly. This is why homeowners need to take proper precautions when dealing with these birds and ensure minimal contact with them. 

☛Disruption of Other Wildlife

Grackles disrupt other wildlife by taking over their habitats or competing with other species for food and resources. If left unchecked, this could harm the local ecology, so steps must be taken to keep these birds away from areas where other wildlife species are abundant. 

These are just a few issues homeowners can face when dealing with grackles in their trees.

Why Are Grackles Particularly Attracted to Trees?

What do trees make them such a desirable destination for these grackles? Let’s take a look at the possible explanations. 

🌴Food Source 

One of the main reasons grackles are so attracted to trees is the abundance of food available in their branches and leaves. Grackles love insects, larvae, and berries, all of which can be found in or around trees. By nesting in trees, grackles have easy access to an abundant food source without having to venture far from home. This makes tree-nesting an attractive option for these birds. 


In addition to providing ample food, trees give the grackles protection from predators. The dense foliage of a tree’s canopy provides ample hiding places, making it difficult for predators to spot their prey. 

Furthermore, by perching high up on a branch, grackles can gain a better vantage point from which they can easily spot potential threats before they come too close. This makes tree-nesting a great way for grackles to stay safe while still having access to plenty of food.  


Grackles are highly social creatures, so it’s unsurprising that they prefer nesting in groups rather than alone. Trees offer the perfect environment for this type of behavior; multiple birds can easily fit into one large tree and use its plentiful resources without worrying about competition from other species. Additionally, being close together allows grackles to communicate with one another more easily and form strong social bonds with their fellow birds.  

How to Get Rid of Grackles in Trees


Though trees can be a great habitat for grackles, they are not always welcome in residential areas. If these birds have become a nuisance in your yard, there are several things you can do to get rid of them:

✅Grackle Proof Bird Feeder

One way you can get rid of grackles is to a install bird feeder that is designed to keep out grackles. This bird feeder usually has smaller openings that only allow smaller birds access to the feeder. It will help keep the grackles away from bird feeders and discourage them from visiting your yard. 

✅Install Visual Deterrents 

Another way to get rid of grackles is to install these deterrents such as plastic owls or snakes. The presence of these animals will scare the grackles away and make them think twice before returning. You can also use reflective objects like shiny party balloons or aluminum foil strips, which reflect light and help scare the birds away. 

✅Electronic Repellent Devices 

Consider using electronic-repellent devices if you want something more effective than visual deterrents. These devices emit an ultrasonic sound that humans cannot hear, but birds can, making it an effective way to keep the grackles away from your yard.  

✅Bird Spikes 

Another option for getting rid of grackles is installing bird spikes on trees or other surfaces where the birds tend to perch. Bird spikes prevent the birds from landing on certain surfaces, thus discouraging them from coming back again.  

✅Removing Feeder Perches   

Removing feeder perches will stop other bird species from accessing the feeder. It should also be used with caution if you still want other types of birds visiting your yard. It’s also important not to provide any food sources for the grackles – if there’s no food for them, they’ll have no reason to stay around.  

✅Remove Potential Food Sources 

Grackles can be attracted to your property because of food sources. In order to keep them away, it is best to eliminate any potential food sources around your home or yard. It means taking steps such as keeping pet food indoors, cleaning up any fallen fruits or nuts from trees, and removing bird feeders from the yard. The grackles will have no reason to stick around if there is little food. 

✅Use a Sprinkler That Is Motion Activated 

When the sprinkler detects movement, it will spray water at anything passing it – including birds! It may seem cruel, but it is an effective way of keeping them away without harming them. Just ensure that the motion detector is set correctly so that you don’t end up spraying your family members when they pass by. 

✅Repellent Gel 

This gel contains natural ingredients such as garlic and capsaicin, which discourage birds from landing on surfaces where the gel has been applied. Simply apply this repellent gel onto the branches and leaves of your tree and watch as the grackles fly away! 

✅Scarecrow Predator 

Consider setting up a scarecrow predator near your tree to get rid of these undesirable birds. Scarecrows are designed to resemble predators such as hawks or owls, which can frighten off birds like grackles from roosting on your property. All you need to do is set up one of these scarecrows near the tree and watch as the grackle population starts dwindling.

✅Eliminate Roosting Areas

This means removing dead branches or tree stumps that provide the birds a place to rest and nest. You should also trim any overgrown bushes or shrubbery, as this provides an ideal location for grackles to hide and build nests. It is best to prune trees so that no branches are close to power lines or other structures where the birds could easily perch and cause damage. 

✅Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

These devices emit high-frequency sounds that won’t be audible to humans but will be loud enough for animals like grackles to hear. The noise is designed to irritate the birds and drive them away – though it may take a few days before they leave the area. Ideally, you would want several of these devices spaced out around your yard to have maximum impact on discouraging the grackles from returning. 

✅Reflection Based Deterrents

Another effective way to get rid of grackles is using reflection-based deterrents such as mirrors, foil tape strips, CDs/DVDs strung into spinning mobiles, or reflective pinwheels (which can be attractive additions!). These materials reflect light in all directions, which causes confusion among the birds and makes them think twice about entering your yard again! 

✅Liquid Repellent 

This type of repellent is designed specifically for birds and contains an active ingredient that will make the birds avoid the area where it has been applied. To use liquid bird repellent, simply spray it onto any branches or surfaces where the grackles are roosting. The smell and taste of these bird control products should cause them to stay away from those areas. 

✅Stop Feeding On Birds 

Common grackles are known for having aggressive behavior when competing with other birds for food, so by eliminating the food source, you can reduce the number of grackles in your area. Once they realize there isn’t enough food available, they will move on and look elsewhere for sustenance. 

✅Ask A Professional 

If you’re still having trouble getting rid of grackles in your trees, it may be time to call a professional bird control expert. These experts have experience dealing with all kinds of bird problems, including getting rid of grackle infestations in trees. They can help create a plan tailored specifically to your needs that will effectively deter birds from roosting in your trees without harming them or posing a risk to people or pets nearby. 


With these tips, you should be able to keep those pesky grackles away from your trees – once and for all!

How to Prevent Grackles From Returning

Once you’ve successfully gotten rid of the grackles that have been roosting in your trees, you can take a few steps to prevent them from returning.

▶Cut Back Tree Branches

One of the main reasons great tailed grackles choose to roost in certain areas is the abundance of branches and foliage. So if you want to discourage them from returning. Trim any tree branches that hang low and become too inviting for the birds to resist. Removing these branches will make it less likely for them to return and roost again in your trees. 

▶Change Your Landscaping

Another way to keep common grackles away is by changing up your landscaping so it’s not as inviting or attractive to them anymore. Remove any bird feeders or other food sources, clear away tall grasses or brush piles where they might nest. And ensure all garbage cans are securely closed at all times. By doing these simple things, you can make your property much less appealing to grackles and other birds that like to roost in trees or shrubs near homes and businesses.  

▶Plant Native Plants & Trees  

Common grackles prefer open areas with less vegetation, so planting native plants and trees around your property can make it much less attractive for these birds. Native plants can also provide a habitat for beneficial insects, which will help control pests like mosquitoes and ticks on your property!  

The Pros of Hiring a Professional Bird Control Expert

If you’re still having trouble getting rid of grackles, it may be best to consult a professional bird control expert. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come along with this type of service. 

✔️Effective Solutions Based on Experience

One of the key benefits of hiring a professional bird control expert is their experience working with grackles and other birds. A good bird control service will have extensive knowledge about local birds’ behavior patterns, nesting habits, and migration tendencies. This enables them to come up with targeted solutions that are tailored to your particular situation. They can also provide you with tips and advice on how to prevent future infestations from occurring. 

✔️Safe and Humane Methods 

When it comes to getting rid of birds from your property, safety should always be a top priority. That’s why choosing a bird control service that uses only safe and humane methods to discourage grackles from your property is important. It includes installing netting or spikes around areas where birds tend to congregate, audio deterrents such as distress calls or predator cries, and deterrents like owl decoys or reflective tape. These techniques are proven to be effective without posing any harm to the birds themselves. 

✔️Long-Term Results 

Finally, when you hire a professional bird control expert, they can help you achieve long-term results by providing ongoing maintenance services or preventative measures such as periodic inspections or monitoring systems that track bird activity in your area. This way, if grackles ever make their way back onto your property again, you’ll be prepared and know exactly what steps need to be taken to keep them away for good!  

It’s an option for you, especially if you’ve tried all the other methods and still can’t seem to get rid of the grackles. Whether it’s a complex infestation or just a few birds that have taken up residence in your trees, hiring an experienced bird control expert can save you time and money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Behavior of a Common Grackle? 

These bird species are medium-sized birds found in many parts of North America. They are commonly seen in parks, yards, and other open areas. Grackles are very social birds and can often be seen in large flocks. They usually travel together, searching for food sources such as insects and sunflower seeds. During winter, they may also visit bird feeders for additional sustenance. 

Are Grackles Good Birds to Have Around? 

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Some people appreciate having grackles around because they eat destructive insects like caterpillars which can damage plants and crops if left unchecked. On the other hand, some people find their loud cawing annoying or don’t appreciate them raiding bird feeders meant for smaller birds. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. 

Why do Grackles Squawk? 

Grackles make a variety of calls ranging from harsh caws to softer chirps or whistles. One reason why grackles squawk is for communication between members of their flock—they can use their calls as an alarm system when predators approach or even just to stay in touch with one another while flying long distances. Additionally, grackles may squawk to defend their territory from intruders or even out of boredom! 

How Long Do Grackles Stay Around? 

Grackles are year-round residents in many areas, meaning they don’t migrate and stay in the same place all year. However, grackles will migrate south to more temperate climates in northern areas, where temperatures dip significantly during winter. So depending on where you live, grackles may be around all year or seasonally. 

What Does a Grackle Do When Any Human Tries To Interfere? 

Grackles are known for being wary of humans and usually fly away when approached by people. However, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened or their nests are disturbed. They may dive-bomb people who come too close or make loud noises to scare them away. It’s best to keep your distance from grackle nests if possible.  

Why Do Grackles Walk Around With Their Mouths Open? 

The answer is simple—grackles pants! This behavior is actually quite common in birds and helps them cool down on hot days by releasing heat through their mouths. Panting also helps to maintain the bird’s body temperature when it’s cold out by keeping its lungs warm and preventing moisture from collecting inside its beak and throat.     

Is a Grackle Related to a Raven? 

The short answer is no—grackles belong to the blackbird family, while ravens belong to the crow family. Both species belong to the Corvidae family, including crows, ravens, magpies, jays, nutcrackers, and more! Though they look similar at first glance, they have different behavioral traits that set them apart.  

Final Words 

Now that you know how to get rid of grackles in trees, it is time to put your plan into action. Keep in mind that it may take some time for the strategy to be successful, and results may take time. You may need to practice patience. As the birds will pick up on potential danger or annoyance if the same tactics are used repeatedly.


Additionally, applying the strategies above together can have a greater impact. For example, incorporating sounds and visual disturbances while keeping trees free of food sources will likely lead to better results. Whether you opt for a chemical-free approach or embrace deterrents such as ultrasonic devices, getting rid of grackles in trees requires consistency and attention. So if you’re up for the challenge, you can make your yard a grackle-free area. Good luck!