6 House Sparrow Deterrents That Will End The Invasion And Possible Spread of Disease

House sparrows could be small birds, but they can cause massive damage. These non-local birds feed off crops that result in localized damages. They peck on seeds, flowers, buds, fruits, and vegetables outdoors and even those in storage. Aside from the damage in goods, they also leave fecal matter that contaminates the edible foliage. The result is losses in capital and potential profit. This drove many farmers and households to use the best sparrow deterrent they could find.

Aside from the human harm they cause, house sparrows also target local birds and peck them to death. They are so forceful that even nest boxes with small openings are not exemptions to their interest. This results in the death of local tree swallows and other protected species.

House sparrows, together with other birds, are found to be potential carriers of communicable diseases. They have internal parasites and worms that are harmful when mixed with edible vegetation. Their fecal matter is also a host to bacteria and viruses that can be lethal when spread.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be sick when you touch a house sparrow. It’s just a matter of probability here just like how a human can be a vehicle of the same viruses and bacteria.

If you want to end the hassle these sparrows are causing, it’s time to use these deterrents to your advantage:

1. Homescape Creations Reflective Scare Rods

Any bird will find it hard to come close when a shiny thing is hanging in the area. It blinds and confuses them. One of these is the Homescape Creations Reflective Scare Rods that don’t just scare the sparrows but also add glam to the place where you’re hanging it. It’s a set of spiraling, 15-inch shiny material that is the best sparrow deterrent.

The refraction points of the scare rods will confuse the birds including house sparrows and they will find it hard to nest in your area. These spiral rods will work at its best when placed under direct sunlight and freely on the breeze. It already comes with six hanging hooks for easy installation. You can hang this on the trees, porch, garden, and even on your boat to avoid birds from hanging out on the deck.

best sparrow deterrent

If you always open your windows, chances are you experienced sparrows nesting inside your home. It’s best to hang these shiny spirals on your window and you’ll see that no birds will dare enter.

The best thing about this product is it’s a low-risk investment. If you’re not satisfied with how it works, you can send it back and the seller will give a full refund. As a non-toxic means of deterring sparrows, this is an excellent purchase as it can double as a home décor.

2. Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

If your chimney is the usual hideout of sparrows during summer or spring, it will help to install these Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes. These are made of UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel that will last long even under intense heat and rain. This best sparrow deterrent kit has 10 units of spikes that come with pre-drilled holes for easy installation as well as a glue tube.

A single unit of spike covers a foot of length and five inches of width. Aside from installing it flat on your fence, chimney top, and roof, you can also bend the spikes for use on poles and trees. It’s flexible enough to curve in 360-degree angles without breaking or the spikes falling off.

The spikes aren’t meant to strike the sparrows and kill them on the spot. It’s used to irritate them and remove the comfortable surface where they can perch and nest. The spikes work in almost any area where you put it especially spots where sparrow droppings are usually found.

The Bird-X bird spikes is a good choice especially if you intend to place it near your television antenna. It doesn’t cause any interference on the signal.

In case you plan to install this on top of a block wall, you should use a construction adhesive instead of the silicone glue that comes in the package. The former would be stronger and durable.

3. De-Bird Scare Tape Bird Deterrent

Shiny things that emit sounds is the best sparrow deterrent you can find. The De-Bird Scare Tape Bird Deterrent is one of these products that you can use without harming any wildlife. It’s a shimmery tape that you can place on the spots where the sparrows tend to nest and perch. You can also tie it and let the other end freely flapping in the air. Such manner of installation will produce a metallic clatter that the house sparrows will find annoying.

best sparrow deterrent - scare tapes on porch

Unlike usual scare tapes, the De-Bird product is made thicker for longer use even during harsh weathers. A roll of this has 125 feet of holographic tape that can last you a couple of seasons for just a small price. Scare tapes can be the best tool to stop birds like sparrows from blocking your air conditioning units, damaging your roof, and leaving fecal matter that stinks and possibly carries harmful bacteria.

If you have a fruit bed to protect, this De-Bird scare tape will work well with netting to deter any bird from feeding off your crops. It’s eco-friendly and the best sparrow deterrent. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that will destroy your plants or harm the sparrows itself.

You can use this as a standalone tool against the sparrows, but you have to check if it works or not after a long time. Some sparrows can be clever too.

4. De-Bird Balloon Bird Deterrent

Tapes and spikes work but you can level up the scare to ensure that no sparrows will go back to invade your property. The De-Bird Balloon Bird Deterrent has scare eyes filled with bright colors enough to drive sparrows away. It also works on most birds that leave smelly and dirty droppings on your area or damage your possessions.

De-Bird made their balloons in yellow color since they found out that such hue is more effective in startling invasive birds. There are three of this balloon scare on the package so you can place it on multiple spots. To make this best sparrow deterrent work for long, move it to other areas in your property to make it appear realistic to the sparrows.

You can even hang this on your parking area to stop birds from pelting your car with their gross droppings. It’s an all-around balloon scare that works. It even has tail-like strips that flap in the air, adding up to the efficiency of driving away the sparrows.

Each balloon looks robust when hung outdoors and the circled eyes would really catch the attention of anyone or any bird passing through. The material it’s made of is sturdy and won’t easily get blown away during windy days. It’s not flimsy too and it can last longer than other balloons from other brands.

5. Homescape Solutions Owl Bird Scare Device

It’s important to remember that each product works differently in various situations. If the sparkly, spiral rods don’t work in driving the pesky sparrows away, the Homescape Solutions Owl Bird Scare Device might be the best sparrow deterrent. It has a holographic, shimmering surface that sparkles when struck with sunlight. The owl scare device also has a rattle accessory on its foot that produces sound when blown by air.

It resembles the exact shape of an owl and with black eyes to top the scare. You can hang it outdoors and let the sunlight and wind make it move and shimmer. But if you prefer, you can place it inside on your glass wall if birds keep crashing and dying on it.

The Homescape owl scare device works in almost all destructive birds. It even comes with a pair of spiral rods like the one listed above. You can use it as a décor or another deterrent for the sparrows. The seller stands behind their product and they are willing to give a full refund if you find it unsatisfactory.

If the sparrows in your area are too invasive in number, it would be best to buy more than two pieces of this owl scare. Place it on your garden, wall, trees, and windows for the best results. Don’t forget to move them regularly!

6. Pest Soldier 6-in-1 Outdoor Best Sparrow Deterrent

If all the visual and physical barriers didn’t work, you should consider getting an ultrasonic device to drive the sparrows away. This gadget uses high-frequency sounds that only animals, including birds, can here. The Yard Sentinal Animal Deterrent is one of the popular choices in the market. It has a maximum coverage of 5,000 square feet which is probably more than you’ll need for your entire house.

best sparrow deterrent - ultrasonic

The Pest Soldier device can work 24/7 to ward off sparrows and other birds that will try to sneak at night. It can send dozens of animals running (or flying) like opossum, birds/bats, rabbits/skunks, armadillos, ducks, and more. You don’t have to worry about mounting this outdoors as the device is weatherproof and can work in multiple power sources including direct current and batteries.

Just turn this and the birds would be flying as fast as they could away from your property.

Other Means To Deter House Sparrows From Incurring Damages

In case you don’t have the means yet to purchase any of the listed deterrents, you can start with these alternative tips. Still, this will only work for a limited period of time and you’ll have to devise a plan to scare away those sparrows.

Destroy their nestling place

Removing the nest of house sparrows on your house or yard will discourage them from going back. During the breeding season, you can destroy the eggs and the young. After the first destruction of the nesting place, the sparrows could rebuild it (you see, they are a persistent bunch). What you should do is be consistent in removing the nest for two weeks during the breeding season. After that, employ the best sparrow deterrent. The federal government doesn’t impose any protection for house sparrows except for some state laws. Anyone can shoot and kill these birds given that the locality permits.

Don’t throw the nest material on the trash, otherwise, the birds will just retrieve it and rebuild the nest. Collect it in a sealed bin.

Fire empty shots

You don’t necessarily have to shoot the birds. I don’t condone such method of driving away house sparrows. What you need to do is to fire empty shots just to emit a loud sound enough to startle a knot of sparrows. Air guns are the best option since it’s safer for humans and other animals around. But before you do, make sure that local ordinances allow such activity.

Doing this repeatedly or with BB shots or dust shots will make house sparrows frightened in the sight of a human holding a firearm.

Let your cats roam

Cat and mouse is the quintessential representation of rivalry. But in this case of bird proofing, sparrows would also run away in the presence of a firsthand predator.  A case in England was said to have experienced 80% decline in sparrows when they improve cats’ access to different parts of the farm and household.

In your property, you can add catwalks to let the furball roam the area and scare away the sparrows. Your cat will patrol the area and the sparrows will be forced to evacuate in the presence of an imminent threat.

Did you find the best sparrow deterrent on this list? Every product here is effective and can be the answer to your house sparrow invasion. Do you have thoughts about these selections? Let us know below and we’ll be happy to chat with you!